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*      NukeNews #3 - Anti-Nuclear Information Service      *

0. Preface
This issue of the NukeNews is one week delayed. The reason is the
successful protest activities against the high level radioactive
waste "Castor" transport from La Hague (F) to Gorleben (D) several of
our editors participated in. This seems to be a good reason not to be
on time with this newsletter.

Besides this huge and creative anti-nuclear resistance happening,
many other amazing developments in the atomic sector took place: in
several countries the authorities or companies decided in respect to
the Fukushima disaster to postpone or stop their nuclear programmes
while some countries like Switzerland made decisions for a long-term
nuclear phase-out. Unfortunately at the same time the governments in
Poland and the Czech Republic pushed their atomic developments
forwards aiming to build up a complex nuclear infrastructure in their

The Japanese anti-nuclear movement is continuing their protests, and
the idea of a phase-out in this country dependent on the atomic
threat spreads. However, despite the Fukushima catastrophe the