Atomic Threats In The Baltic Sea Region/VOIP meeting September 7, 2014

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Skype conference September 7th, 2014 at 8 PM


  1. clarification of facilitation + minutes keeping
  2. updates from projects and working groups
  3. appointment for next VOIP conference
  4. preparation of the next working meeting


Participants: A., B.

clarification of facilitation + minutes keeping

  • facilitation: A.
  • minutes keeping: A.

updates from projects and working groups

  • media group:
  • finances group:
    • no updates
  • coordination group:
    • no updates
  • book project:
    • there were talks on the Polish articles at the camp in Kiel and at the Nuclear Heritage Network gathering in Döbeln
    • a person from Sweden promised to check and respond on the Oskarshamn NPP article
    • since beginning of September a German resource on atomic facilities is online, and is very valuable for our investigations on German plants in the Baltic Sea watershed:
  • networking:
    • at the Kiel camp the possibility was discussed to hold the next Nuclear Heritage Network gathering in Sweden - this will be something to be figured out there
    • A. plans another networking tour in Sweden and Finland in December/January - hopefully including meeting the new contacts in Forsmark and Karlstad
    • there has been a talk with C. in Finland including updates on Talvivaara mine
    • in Poland from October 23-26, 2014 a networking conference "Remembering for a common future" will take place in Krzyzowa - main topic: Chernobyl and Fukushima remembrance; A. will participate
  • we had a workshop on the "Atomic Threats In The Baltic Sea Region" at the anti-nuclear summer camp in Kiel (D) this August - there were many interested people listening; now we eventually also have Swedish people involved
  • ATOMIC BALTIC events:
    • A. will prepare a slide show for the presentation
    • B. will prepare a flyer to advertise the ATOMIC BALTIC information event in Bielefeld on October 9, 2014
    • the first ATOMIC BALTIC information event will take place on October 1, 2014 in Amsterdam
    • in Döbeln another event will take place in connection with the photo exhibition on October 18th (exhibition until November 9th)
    • there will be more ATOMIC BALTIC events later on
    • we would like to offer additional events - contact us if you are interested to invite us to your region!
  • a poster showing the atomic facilities in the Baltic Sea area will be prepared at the end of September and then printed in October

preparation of the next working meeting

  • September 20-24, 2014 in Döbeln, Germany
  • B. made a proposal for an invitation e-mail - this was discussed and will be sent to the listserve tonight
  • this time there won't be a big promotion campaign, we will only sent the invitation to the people already involved (and those who were interested in the ATOMIC BALTIC workshop at the anti-nuclear camp in Kiel)
  • thus, this will be only a small group meeting - which is actually good for concrete working
  • the practical arrangements will be made by A.
  • besides book article investigations the info events will be prepared and the flyer about Atomic Threats Around The Baltic Sea should be created; other topics/activities are possible if participants wish it
  • there should be also our next Skype conference to communicate with other participants who can't travel to the whole meeting - dates will be arranged later (probably on September 22nd in the evening)
  • maybe media group can have their first Skype appointment after the summer break during this working meeting, too

appointment for next VOIP conference