International Anti-nuclear Camp near Kiel

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We are planning an anti-nuclear camp in August 2014 (9th till 16th) near Kiel in northern Germany. We will focus on nuclear transports, mainly the ones coming by ship from the Baltic Sea heading for Hamburg (and passing Kiel in the canal) transporting uranium for the enrichment plant and the fuel production plant.

Last year we already had a camp which was located in Münsterland (the region where the two plants are located). This year we'd like to focus on the transports and that's why we decided that the camp should take place where the ships pass.

On the camp there will been workshops, actions and cultural events (if needed we'll somehow organise translation)

We can not pay for any travel costs but we want to invite you to come to Kiel. Maybe you could combine coming to the camp with a network meeting?

Hoping to see you in summer,

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