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Landscape by Ranua
Uranium Mining Exhibition at Ranua Action Day in Magdeburg
RanuaDayMD Exhibition5.jpg

This page shows you lists of stuff the Ranua Rescue Areva Mining Monitor (RRAMM) Camp needs. It was built up by local, Finnish and international activists engagement, but it needs your support to be continued and extended to observe Areva's destructive drilling and mining activities in the area of Ranua. If you have the possibility to support or if you know who could help, please contact the camp at +358 40 365 2041 or send an email to camp AT nuclearfreefinland.org[1]

Find out more about Areva's plans to mine uranium in Finnish Lapland and the resistance against it on the Ranua Rescue main page.

There are many things needed - maybe you can lend or donate some materials:


  • rubber boots
  • socks
  • warm clothes
  • rain gear
  • gloves
  • long underware


  • axes
  • (rechargeable) batteries (size AA and AAA)
  • blankets
  • bowsaws
  • building materials
    • 2x4s
    • plywood (vaneri)
    • clay
    • strawbales
    • mesh to build mushroom driers
  • burners
  • candles
  • cooking pans
  • cutlery
  • food
  • first aid
  • gas for cooking
  • generators
  • hammocks
  • lanterns
  • plastic sheets
  • shovels and other tools
  • winter sleeping bags
  • tarpaulin (pressu)
  • torches and head torches
  • phones
  • tents
  • thermos flasks
  • water containers


  • bikes
  • cars
  • vans
  • mopeds
  • and tools to keep them going


  • computers
  • pens and pencils
  • cameras
  • video cameras
  • cassettes
  • and any office stuff.

  1. For protection against automatical email address robots searching for addresses to send spam to them this email address has been made unreadable for them. To get a correct mail address you have to displace "AT" by the @-symbol.