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http:// www.okg.se/upload/Om%20OKG/Anl%C3%A4ggningar/Anl%C3%A4ggningar.jpg

(from left to right, O3, O2 and O1.)


Coordinates: 57°24′56″N 16°40′16″E

  • Operator: OKG (Oskarshamns Kärnkraftsgrupp), private corporation owned by E.ON Sverige (54.5 %) and Fortum (45.5 %)[1]
  • Capacity: total 2 603 MW. (O1: 492 MW, O2: 661 MW, O3: 1450 MW)[2]
  • (How much radiation it sets free?) Average radiation dose measured among OKG workers: 2,0 mSv.[3]
  • Dates of construction & operation:
    • O1: Start of construction 1966, start of operation 1972. Major renovations 1993-95, 1998 and 2002.[4]
    • O2: Start of construction 1969, start of operation 1974. Major renovations scheduled for 2007, 2009 and 2013.[5]
    • O3: Start of construction 1980, start of operation 1985. (planned already 1976, but because of the political debate around nuclear power, the start of construction was delayed to after the referendum about nuclear power in 1980).[6]
    • OKG plans to have the plant running for at least ca 30 years more, or a 60-year life-term per reactor.
  • Electricity production: 16.8 TWh.[7] Oskarshamn NPP's production is ca 10 % of Sweden's electricity production.
  • type of reactor: BWR (Boiling Water Reactor). O1 was Sweden's first commmercial reactor. O2 has the same contruction as the two Barsebäck reactors.
  • (Sizes)
  • how much waste a reactor produces per year: Missing. Spent fuel is stored at the facility for at least 9 months, then transported to Clab for intermediate storage for 30-40 years.[8]
  • Fuel information: LEU. Mainly from Canada, but also from Russia and a number of other contractors. [9]
  • Employees: ca 930. In addition there's also ca 100 people at the facility as subcontractors.[10] During the yearly periods in the summer[11] when the fuel is changed and preventive facility maintenance is done, an additional 500-600 people may be working in the area.[12]
  • number of people living around the facility: Oskarshamn municipality 26 131 (2010)[13] (the NPP is located ca 30 km north of Oskarshamn town[14] on the east coast of Sweden, close to Sweden's second largest island Öland.)
  • number of accidents: missing. "We have had accidents such as e.g. fires, high-current-cable accidents and falls from scaffoldings, however we have not had any nuclear accidents."[15]


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links to operator and critical websites

Oskarshamns Kärnkraftgrupp: http://www.okg.se/default____137.aspx (english)


Note: most of the references below are links to the swedish webpages of OKG, but most of the same info can be found on the corresponding english-language pages (link to english frontpage in the links section above). However, the swedish pages have been more recently updated.