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There are several subpages for website and the network available for promotion:

Information for groups using this webpage

You are welcome to use this Wiki webpage for your organization: give information about events, create local pages about your work and topics, publish background information. You can form this website, design it, organize things in another way - best in coordination with the other users. You can use for these agreements and for proposals the discussion pages of the articles.

Usage of the Media page

The Media page offers information and contacts for journalists. You can publish your own press releases there. Please look first how the existing ones are published there and then do it in the same way.

Please give your own contact information together with your press release so that journalists know who can be asked for more information. If you want to be contact person for the campaign "Europe's Nuclear Heritage" and for general information about this network and website please coordinate yourself with the other general contacts on the Media page and give your own contact information there.

Usage of the Donations page

Currently only the organization Greenkids e.V. from Germany has published its bank account data there for donations. This is the group which gives money for running this website.

But it would be good to give the bank account data of other active groups there so people can decide which kind of activity they want to support. If you publish your data there please tell what kind of activity will be financed by donations and what kind of work you do.

Usage of the Country pages

You are welcome to create your own country page, e.g. a Finland page exists at the moment. The name of this page should be the name of the country. Then the webmaster of this wiki[1] will put a link to this country page to the countries navigation box You can also send a mail to the webmaster and ask for this. It is possible to get a short subdomain address to this page which should be created from the first three letters of the country name. Examples of existing subdomains: or .

Please add the category of this country to every country page and the connected pages like:

[[Category: COUNTRYNAME]]

Instead of "COUNTRYNAME" you write the name of the country like "Finland", "Germany", "Russia"...

What can I do?


How to contribute?

You want to help, to make this website better? Great! There is a ToDo list you can check if you want to practically help.

As it is maintained by a decentralized network, local information is shared by local groups or individuals. Everybody can contribute news.

To share info on nuclear power plants (NPP) or any other nuclear topic please search for it on this Wiki and start adding using the following entry points. For more help, please don't hesitate to ask.

Translations are always needed. Any little contribution can help to spread the info.

How to edit this Wiki website?

Wiki usage

If you don't know how to edit the pages of this website, please first have a look to the following helppage:

Now you have read the helppages and still don't know what to do, you can contact webmaster of this wiki[1].

Tip: for basic editing stuff, Wikipedia's Cheatsheet is often useful! (if there's something you can't find on it, try Wikipedia's Wiki Markup page.)

Log in to the webpage

For many pages you have first to log in before you can edit them. This is because of spam protection so only registered and logged in users can make changes. Her you can register and log in.

  • register
    In a MediaWiki by default the IP address of the author of articles or comments is saved and can't completely be removed again. To prevent this, simply register - it's free and you can anonymously use a nickname, too. Your IP address will then not be visible to the outside.
  • anmelden
    In einem MediaWiki wird bei unangemeldeten Usern standardmäßig die IP-Adresse als Autor von Texten oder Änderungen gespeichert, welche nicht wieder vollständig aus dem MediaWiki gelöscht werden kann! Also: anmelden! kostenlos; natürlich auch anonym mit Nickname möglich.

Advanced Formatting

  1. 1.0 1.1 For protection against automatical email address robots searching for addresses to send spam to them this email address has been made unreadable for them. To get a correct mail address you have to displace "AT" by the @-symbol.