Launching the anti-nuclear art project "25" in Murmansk

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Launching the anti-nuclear art project "25" in Murmansk
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  • Launching press conference of the art project "25" in an independent art gallery in Murmansk (RUS) on May 25, 2011

"25" is the title of an anti-nuclear art project inviting people to work for 25 days on a collection of photos of 25 people in the age of 25 years being portrayed. They will have placards with information about 25 victims of the Chernobyl disaster who died or suffered seriously from the radiation. The project will present people's impressions and opinions about nuclear power these days.

The disaster of Chernobyl is as of this year 25 years ago - those who are 25 now, have been born in the very time of the catastrophe, and are the generation that has to deal with the impacts of the accident that they definitely are not responsible for. After 25 days, the result of the project will be presented with a photo collection, a video film on the project process and end up in an anti-nuclear concert.