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  • Operator: Barsebäck Kraft AB (Owned by Ringhals AB, which in turn is owned by Vattenfall (70,44 %) and E.ON Kärnkraft Sverige AB (29,56 %). The physical facility is owned 100% by E.ON Kärnkraft AB[1]
  • Capacity: Barsebäck 1 & 2: 600 MW netto. Total: 1200 MW netto.
  • (How much radiation it sets free?)
  • Dates of construction & operation: Sydkraft decided on buying land in Barsebäck for a NPP on December 10 1965.[2]
    • Barsebäck 1: commissioned 1969, startup January 1975, connected to grid May 15 1975, shut down November 30 1999[3]
    • Barsebäck 2: commissioned 1970, startup 1977(?), connected to grid March 21 1977, shut down May 31 2005[4]
    • The reactors are awaiting deconstruction, which will be started when the expansion of the SFR Repository at Forsmark is ready, which is estimated to be in 2020.[5] [6]
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  • type of reactor: BWR
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  • Employees: ca 100[7]
  • number of people living around the facility:
  • number of accidents:


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