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Source of this text is a paper distributed at a Nuclear Free Edmonton meeting in Edmonton in May 2009.

Nuclear Energy for Alberta, whose idea?

  • Early 2005 Atomic Energy Canada, a crown corporation, agrees to deal exclusively with Energy Alberta
  • June 2007 Whitecourt and Peace River residents are subjected to one-sided presentations by Energy Alberta
  • August 2007 Energy Alberta, founded by businessman Wayne Henuset and oilpatch veteran Hank Swartout[1], applies to build twin-unit CANDU reactors near Peace River. Atomic Energy of Canada will build plants.
    Energy Alberta Corp's website proposes nuclear power as an alternative to burning expensive natural gas to increase Alberta's oil sands production, which is expected to quadruple by 2020
  • November 2007 Drilling rigs appear on property proposed as site for the procince's first nuclear power plant! Thirty persons from Peace River invited on an all-expense trip to Bruce Power on Lake Huron
  • March 2008 Bruce Power, majority owned by Calgary-based TransCanada, buys assets from Energy Alberta Corp, including its exclusive right to use CANDU technology in Alberta. Bruce Power Alberta opens an office in Peace River.
  • March 2009 Whitmud site, 30 km north of Peace River, is chosen for nuclear reactor. It is close to a water source, the Peace River.

  1. Hank Swartout: Founder of Precision Drilling which received a $280M lifeline through AIMCO, Alberta's arms-length investment firm, April 2009