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STOPPING NUCLEAR POWER - join the Baltic Sea Info Tour!

Dear friends!

During Summer 2010 an international network of anti-nuclear activists and organizations will be participating in the Baltic Sea Info Tour. Your support and participation would be greatly appreciated to help make the Baltic Sea Info Tour a lasting success and stop nuclear power. We are seeking support in the following areas, such as :

  • Participants travelling with us on the tour
  • Joining us for specific events e.g. workshops, actions, meetings with local people
  • Helping us strengthen links with local contacts
  • Financial support

The Baltic Sea is the most radioactive sea in the world and many new nuclear projects are already underway. This threatens the well-being and survival of people and other inhabitants of the planet. The dangers associated with the existing nuclear industry and their future plans transcend national borders. Together, our international co-operation is vital in creating a healthy, safe nuclear free future.

Yours respectfully

Baltic Sea Info Tour

Contact Details:

tour AT[1]
phone: +358 41 7243254

Schedule of the Baltic Sea Info Tour 2010 (short version)

  • Ǻland (FIN): June 22-24
  • Loviisa/Isnäs (FIN): June 26-28
  • Helsinki (FIN): June 30 - July 2
  • St. Petersburg (RUS): July 6-8
    • alternatively: Riga
  • Riga (LV): July 11-13
  • Belarus: July 15-17
    • alternatively Vilnius (LT): July 15-17
  • Jezioro Żarnowieckie (PL): July 21-23
  • Greifswald (D): July 26-28
  • Copenhagen (DK): July 30 - August 1
  • Malmö (SE): August 3-5
  • Stockholm (SE): August 9-11
  • Olkiluoto/Rauma (FIN): August 14-16
  • Oulu (FIN): August 18-20

For more details please check our website:

<< Project Main Page

coverage - invitation sent to...

  • Anti-nuclear mailing list
  • hyokyaalto-lista mailing list
  • nuclear-heritage mailing list
  • nukenet mailing list
  • olkiluoto-lista mailing list
  • RanuaRescue mailing list
  • stopnuclearpower mailing list
  • TridentPlougshares mailing list
  • u-international mailing list

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