Walk For A Nuclear Free Future 2011-2015

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Footprints for Peace has launched an exciting new campaign that will join together with people and organizations from around the world to build and strengthen the global movement for a nuclear free future.

The campaign - Walk for a Nuclear Free Future - is an awareness raising and non-violent action based campaign involving a series of walks throughout Australia, Canada, United States & Japan. The walks will follow the deadly nuclear fuel path from uranium mines to nuclear reactors, waste dumps and nuclear weapons sites.

Walk for a Nuclear Free Future aims to bring people together to walk from community to community as an effective way to educate our selves and the public about the danger, destruction and waste that is threatening all life at every stage of the nuclear process.

Our purpose is to inspire, empower and mobilise people to take action not only through walking but also through creative campaigning in street theatre, music, art, public meetings, petitioning, letter writing and non-violent direct actions.

The Walk for a Nuclear Free Future will promote positive social, environmental and economical solutions for the development of renewable energy technologies including solar, wind, wave and geothermal to create a sustainable future

Walk for a Nuclear Free Future calls for:

  • respect and solidarity for Indigenous Peoples Rights
  • a global ban on uranium mining
  • phase out of nuclear power
  • complete nuclear weapons disarmament
  • ban on the use of depleted uranium weapons
  • responsible solutions to nuclear waste
  • full rehabilitation of abandoned uranium mines and all nuclear facilities
  • development and use of renewable energy technologies

We hope that you will join us in creating a nuclear free future