Visaginas NPP fate "undecided", as politicians ignore the decision of the referendum

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Despite the results of the referendum in October 2012, where people voted against a new nuclear power plant in Lithuania, politicians are still trying to push for the project. Three Baltic countries and Japanese-American corporation "Hitachi" act as if the results of the referendum were not binding. This also notwithstanding the fact that the working group, formed by the Prime Minister, to develop "a cost-optimal and consumer-friendly strategy for provision of electricity", concluded that building a new NPP would be too expensive for Lithuania and the price might not be competitive.

The Government of Lithuania, as announced in the media, will soon make the decision regarding the fate of Visaginas NPP. On the 9th of October, 2013, the position of Baltic energy companies and "Hitachi", regarding proposed NPP, was handed to the Government. It is claimed that the project is now competitive; however, even the promoters of the project say that conditions, not dependant on the competence of project developers, exist.

The plans to discuss the common position of three Baltic countries, regarding the project, have also been announced.So far, both Latvian and Estonian politicians were reluctant and said Latvia and Estonia would join the project only if it would be proved commercially viable.

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