Uranium protest above the railway: French activist in German court on 4th of June

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The pictures were meaningful. On 16th and 17th of Januray 2008 the French climbing activist Cécile Lecomte protested in Germany close to Steinfurt near Munster by abseiling above the railway against the export of radioactive uranium waste from the German enrichment plant Gronau to Russia. The action was very successful, the train had to stopp for about 7 hours. After the action, Urenco, the responsible company managing the Gronau enrichment plant told the public, that the company would stop these transports at the end of the year 2009.

After more than a year of dispute between court and prosecutor who didn't agree about the question whether the protest above the railway is punishable or not, the trial will take place at the court in Steinfurt on the 4th of June 2009. The prosecutor accuses Cécile Lecomte of coercion. The court already told it disapproves with this and doesn't see any coercion in the act of hanging above the railway. But the activist may receive a fine because the reglementation about railway traffic states that it is forbidden to go on/above the railway.

A lot of activists and anti-nuclear organisations are supporting Cécile Lecomte

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