Unplug Nuclear Power Boycott Grid Power!

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  • For the 24 hours of March 11, 2015 the anniversary of the Fukushima disaster, everyone is asked to boycott grid supplied electricity as much as they are able as a direct action against nuclear power.
  • For more information visit: www.unplugnuclearpower.com
  • There are four levels of participation:
    1. Level 1) Turn off extra lights and appliances and minimize electronics;
    2. Level 2) Use power only for essentials such as sump pumps, furnaces, and refrigerators;
    3. Level 3) Completely disconnect from the grid (usually requires back up power); and
    4. Level 4) Put more power onto the grid using wind or solar than was used that day.

Many organizations and individuals from around the United States and around the world are co-sponsoring this event, including the U.S. Green Party and Dr. Helen Caldicott. Sponsors are asked only to

  1. Inform their members of the Action and ask them to participate, and
  2. Allow Unplug to list their group on our website and promotional materials.