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|[[File:SellafieldPond2006.jpg|[[Leaked Photographs Sellafield]] (UK)|thumb|right]]
|[[File:Robots.jpg|thumb|right|[[Solidarity with the persecuted groups in Russia|Solidarity with our friends]] in Russia faced to persecution as "foreign agents" - robots demanding for "freedom"]]
|[[File:Robots.jpg|thumb|right|[[Solidarity with the persecuted groups in Russia|Solidarity with our friends]] in Russia faced to persecution as "foreign agents" - robots demanding for "freedom"]]

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Solidarity with our friends in Russia faced to persecution as "foreign agents" - robots demanding for "freedom"
Sokli mine: nature catastrophe is being prepared in Eastern Finland
Case Pyhäjoki: artistic reflections on the impact on nuclear power (FIN)

(photo: Bonnie Fortune)

Peace boat stop in Riga (LV) May 22, 2013
Disaster in Finland: uranium leaks in waste waters from the Talvivaara mine (FIN) to the environment
Action against Lithuanian Visaginas NPP in Berlin (D) on November 5th
Uranium Action Day took place on September 29, 2012 globally
Fasten action against nuclear weapons in Paris (F) in August 2012
Anti-nuclear sailing trip headed from Stockholm (SE) to Greifswald (D)
Dalle 2010 Castor blockade activists charged - your solidarity is needed! (D)
E.on subsidiary announced site selection for Pyhäjoki (FIN)
Photos and Media release of the Grohnde blockade (D)
Access roads to the Olkiluoto NPP (FIN) successfully blockaded several times
Launching the anti-nuclear art project "25" in Murmansk (RUS)
Special police forces arrested 12 activists after an international anti-nuclear action in Minsk (BY) on April 25
Fukushima demonstration: 250,000 protested in four German cities, 120,000 of them in Berlin
Action in Magdeburg (D): "Shut down" added to huge election banner of ruling pro-nuclear party (video)
Rallies in many German cities demanding the immediate nuclear phase-out
Fukushima rally in Döbeln (D) on March 13, 2011
Overview of the nuclear facilities at the site of the NPP Fukushima I - provided by Spiegel Online
60,000 protested against nuclear power on 12/3/11 in a human chain between Stuttgart and NPP Neckarwestheim (D)
Climbing activists blockade the Castor transport at Morschen (close to Kassel, Hesse, D)
100,000 protested in Berlin against atomic power
Olkiluoto successfully blockaded in Finland on August 28, 2010
Renewables beating nuclear power in Riga!
Anti-nuclear funeral action group in front of the statue of liberty in Riga
Actions against NPP developments in front of the Polish, Swedish and Finnish embassies in Vilnius
Nuclear power plants around the Baltic Sea
Action in Mariehamn
Anti-nuclear Biketour has started in Turku
Action in Vilnius when the nuclear lobby met
Threatened by EON's NPP plans: Hanvihiki peninsula close to Pyhäjoki
Chernobyl Day action of Women Against Nuclear Power in Helsinki, Parliament
New postcards against uranium mining in Finland in several languages...
Helsinki (FIN): Action in context of an international network meeting
Ranger Mine (AU): open pit uranium mine
Ranua: Anti-uranium rally and event
Russian anti-nuclear campaigner Andrey Ozharovskiy being arrested in Belarus while the hearings for the Environment Impact Assessment of the planned new NPP took place
Activists examine the area of Areva's drilling activities
Shut down Fessenheim rally: Kerstin Rudek (BI Lüchow-Dannenberg) and Jean-Yvon Landrac (Sortir du nucléaire)
Nuclear Climate Camp: City Hall of Simo - "Sold to the Uranium Capitalism"
Police violance: Pepper spray against protesters from the Gorleben Treck in Morsleben (Photo: Andreas Conradt / PubliXviewinG)
About 50,000 people demonstrated in Berlin against nuclear power (Photo: Andreas Conradt / PubliXviewinG)
Policeman attacks a farmer in Morsleben with firearm
Ranua Rescue Action Day: post box for creative protest
Near the Finnish Community of Ranua a camp has been set up to monitor Areva's mining activities
Slovene NPP Krško - visited during the International Network Meeting in Ljubljana
Activists blocked the gates of the German NPP Krümmel
Blockade in Krümmel: Concrete, tripods, tractors...
Canada: Tar Sands, new NPP plans & more concerned people at the Land Stewards Gathering in Edmonton
Germany: Some hundreds of activist occupied the illegal Final Disposal Site Gorleben
At least 20 tractors supported the occupation and entered the high-security area
The Gorleben salt mine was occupied for some two hours. Police couldn't prevent this public announced action
Postcard to promote the 2010 Baltic Sea Info Tour
Castor: Mass blockade of thousands of people with tents, tarpaulins and tractors
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