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An ICAN study published on October 10th, 2013[1] has lists 298 financial service providers from 30 countries that support 27 companies developing, producing or maintaining nuclear warheads, including rockets, bombers, submarines on the scale of 235 billion Euro ($ 314 bn).[2][3]

Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank, Allianz, Unicredit (including HypoVereinsbank) together with publicly owned BayernLB, Helaba and KfW place germany on 4th place after USA, UK and France. On the list of receivers are also German companies like EADS and ThyssenKrupp that deliver nuclear enabled submarines to Israel. The medical peace organization IPPNW, one of the founding members of ICAN and partner campaign of atomwaffenfrei jetzt!, claims a contract for a total stop of nuclear weapons.

While latest NATO strategy paper[4] about the reduction of nuclear weapons does not follow the path claimed by former foreign minister Guido Westerwelle who called nuclear weapons a "relic of the Cold War" and said they "no longer have a military purpose." some years ago, the German government denies to join a declaration by 124 countries[5] against the use of nuclear weapons "under no circumstances" as it is in violation of the principles of the NATO military treaty, the government justified on October 11th.[6][7] read more

After a transport arrived Hamburg harbour destinated for the nuclear facility in Lingen yesterday, on October 22th 2013 several trains around Gronau have been spotted[8]. One train left to Tricastin NPP in Pierrelatte passing Hamm, Hagen, Köln, Bonn, Koblenz, Trier, Perl-Apach. Another highly radiating train assumingly with uranium from Canada arrived to Gronau today as well. On the weekend the material had arrived on board of Happag Lloyed's "Montreal Express" which carries radiactive material on a regular basis.[9]

Because of the high risks in case of accidents with uranium hexafluoride the government of Rheinland-Pfalz ruled in 2012[10] that counties and emergency services have to be informed before transports of this dangerous chemical. On contact with moisture it reacts heavily producing toxic acids which makes instant evacuation within a radius of 5 kilometers necessary. Contrary the transport through Nordrhein-Westfalen have been kept secret to hush the immense risks for the public.

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