Support Festival for Ranua Rescue in Helsinki in November 2009

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RANUA RESCUE-tuki-iltamat

"Ei uraanikaivosta Ranualle, eikä muuallekaan!"

Shortly in English: On November 13th, 2009 a support evening for the Ranua Rescue project will take place in the Social Center of Helsinki at 5 pm.
The originally planned festival will be postboned because of the participating bands; instead several workshops will be given and films will be shown.

Connection Between Nuclear Disposal Problems in Germany and Finland

Falk Beyer, German Final Disposal Researcher:
"What Posiva has in Olkiluoto is what scientists in Germany called the worst case for a nuclear waste repository: a rock formation that's predestined for water influx. Once the sea water reachs the nuclear waste a transport way for radioactive substances will have been created. Radioactivity will escape from the repository and reach the biosphere. No container can prevent this for the longterm lifetime of nuclear waste."

Event Details in Finnish

  • Perjantaina 13.11.2009
  • Sosiaalikeskus Satamassa, Kyläsaarenkatu 11 (Hki)
  • 17.00 Saksan ydinjäteskandaali. Luennoimassa Falk Beyer Nuclear Heritage-verkostosta. (englanninkielinen)
  • 18.00 Dokumentti: Uraani, onko se joku maa? (engl;tekstitys suom. 50min)
  • 19.00 Uraanikaivossuunnitelmat Suomessa
  • 20.00 Ranua Rescue- esittely: kampanjointia paikallisella, kansallisella ja kansainvälisellä tasolla.
  • 20.30 Vegaaninen tuki-illallinen 2, 5€ - 4€

Myynnissä Ranua Rescue- paitoja, ym.