Students rally Lüchow 2011

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Police car full with anti-Castor stickers...
Anti-nuclear bike
"Angela? No thanks!"
"Shutdown atomic facilities. worldwide. immediately"
"Conflict management" police officers in the rally
"Hey, crow, but this is no solution! - Croak! Now I'm done."

Student Demonstration against Castor transport took place at Lüchow (Wendland, Germany) on 24 November 2011. It is a traditional demonstration which organized every year by students of Wendland region. Pupils instead of schools and colleges goes to the street to show their protest.

This year there were near 2,000 people of different age, but mostly under 18, and more than 10 tractors of farmer's support. The demonstration started at 9.30 and made a circle all over the town in about 2 hours. Anti-nuclear and protest music was as a background of this action. Also Lüchow was occupied by Anti-Castor stickers spread on the whole way of protesters. Nearly every police-officer was marked by stickers.

In the end of the demo organizers informed participants from the stage that Castor transport will stay in France minimum before tomorrow, that's a great news for protesters.