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=== Source(s) for pictures ===
=== Source(s) for pictures ===
=== Data: ===
=== Data: ===

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Source(s) for pictures



Location: On the Värö peninsula on the west coast of Sweden, ca 60 km south of Gothenburg in the municipality of Varberg. Coordinates: 57°15′35″N 12°6′39″E

  • Operator: Ringhals AB, which is owned by Vattenfall (70,4 %) and E.ON Kärnkraft Sverige AB (29,6 %)[1]
  • Capacity: total 3707 MW[2], R1: 855MW, R2: 866MW, R3: 1051MW, R4: 935MW[3]
  • (How much radiation it sets free?) Possibe sources: http://www.vattenfall.se/sv/stralskydd.htm
  • Dates of construction & operation: Vattenfall started buying land on the Värö peninsula in 1965.[4]
    • Start of construction: R1: Feb 1969, R2: 1970, R3 and R4: 1972[5]
    • Start of commercial operation: R1: Jan 1976, R2: May 1975, R3: Sept 1981, R4: Nov 1983[6]
  • Electricity production: 28 TWh/year (almost 20 % of Sweden's electricity consumption)[7]
  • type of reactor: One BWR (R1) and three PWR (R2, R3 and R4)[8]
  • (Sizes) Ringhals industrial area is ca 3 km²[9]
  • how much waste a reactor produces per year: (source about waste & management: http://www.vattenfall.se/sv/radioaktivt-avfall.htm , will investigate later -imota)
  • Fuel Information: LEU. Vattenfall buys uranium from Australia, Namibia, Canada, and Russia.[10]
  • Employees: 1529 (2010-12-31)[11] Several hundreds of extra subcontractor personnel during maintenance periods every summer.[12]
  • number of people living around the facility:
    • Varberg municipality: 57,747 (June 30, 2010)[13]
  • number of accidents: info missing, some may be found in the swedish wikipedia article, but would need a primary source (see below)


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  • swedish wikipedia article about Ringhals NPP has lots of interesting details about history, accidents etc: https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/sv/wiki/Ringhals
    • E.g., on the 21th of August 2007, R3 had a short-circuit in one of its steam generators due to a monkey-wrench that had been "forgotten"(?) inside it when it was renewed 1995...

The wikipedia article lacks primary sources, but i'll investigate it properly later.

  • one of the largest employers in Halland county[14], and one of the largest worksites in Europe.[15]
  • "a considerable amount of research and development is also conducted here. Many of our engineers are specialists, and among the foremost in their field in the world. "[16]
  • A major project of modernisation and effectivisation started 2007, with a budget of 22 million SEK.[17]


contact details of critical groups working against this facility

  • group name, phone, email, website, postal address


links to operator and critical websites

Operator: Swedish: http://www.vattenfall.se/sv/ringhals.htm English: http://www.vattenfall.com/en/ringhals.htm