Resumption of the construction of a nuclear power plant in Brazil

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The current Brazilian administration and the one that is to come in 2019 are willing to reengage into Angra 3 construction, the third Brazilian nuclear power plant, twice interrupted – in 1983 and 2016. Only they want to do it using the same obsolete project from the 1970s. To avoid this absurdity, civil society organizations have made a petition for a project audit.

This is an incredible absurdity: the resumption of the construction of a nuclear power plant in Brazil with a 50 years ago project. We give some explanations about it in the petition. We need absolutely to get thousands of signatures to move the Brazilian Public Prosecutor, the only institution with the means to block this insanity, facing the very powerful nuclear lobby and interested companies.

But it is very difficult to mobilize people in Brazil on the nuclear issue. It is not present in our daily life, and Chernobyl and Fukushima are very far in time and in space. So we count on your solidarity, while also considering that the consequences of major nuclear accidents do not stop at the borders of the countries.