Rescue Ranua Against Uranium Mining Example Letter

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Dear Sir or Madam,

I am concerned to hear that the french company Areva is planning to dig for uranium in northern Finland. Uranium mining is not the same as mining of usual metals. Uranium and its decay products an known to cause cancer and due to the mining, these substances will be spread in the environment, for example through groundwater, raising cancer rates in the municipality and around.

Arevas policy concerning health risks is not very responsible. The company was even nominated for an Anti Oscar Award in January 2008 as a corporation that has wreaked a lot of social and ecological damage, because Areva is mining uranium in northern Niger where mine workers are not informed about health risks, and analysis shows radioactive contamination of air, water and soil. The local organization that represents the mine workers speaks of "suspicious deaths among the workers, caused by radioactive dust and contaminated groundwater."

If you accept uranium prospecting in Ranua, you will be responsible for the health risks the inhabitants of your community will have to bear. You will be responsible for the spreading of radioactivity in the environment. You will be responsible for higher cancer rates and the early death of people you are supposed to represent. What is more, you are adding to the continuation of operation of nuclear power plants, which are also a continuous health risk to the population and can cause even greater damage due to accidents with even greater emission of radioactivity. Also, the spent fuel rods from nuclear power plants can be used to build atomic bombs and smaller radioactive weapons who contaminate the living environment of normal citizens for many years.

If you take a stand against uranium prospecting in Ranua, your community might not only prevent uranium mining on the grounds of your municipality, but also set an example for other municipalities in Lapland and the whole of Finland. If you speak against uranium prospecting, you can stop these dangerous plans which are more harmful than beneficial and stand up for the interests of the local population.

Please say NO to uranium prospecting and act against the risks of uranium mining and nuclear power!

Sincere regards,