RWMP – Radioactive Waste Manegment Plant, Svierk

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located in Swierk, facility for contditoning of radioactive waste for further storage or transportation to russia as well as intermediate storage for high active waste and spent fuels of MARIA and EVA RR in two seperate wet storage facilities.

List of spent fuel facilities

- spent fuel storage facility no 19 (water ponds)

- spent fuel storage facility no 19A (water ponds)

- technological pool of MARIA RR

Above listed facilities are located at Swierk Centre. Spent fuel storage facilities are operated by the Radioactive Waste Management Plant (RWMP). Nuclear research reactor MARIA is also located at Swierk Centre and is operated by the Institute of Atomic Energy (IEA).

The spent fuel storage facility No 19 consist of 4 cylindrical ponds placed in an underground concrete structure. Two of them are used for storing highly radioactive waste items and one is used for EK-10 spent fuel rods. The facility has been operated since 1958.

The spent fuel storage facility No 19A consist of a half-underground concrete structure with two rectangular ponds. Both ponds are used for spent fuel assemblies (SFA) storage.

List of radioactive waste management facilities

  • Radioactive liquid waste storage farm ( Building No 35 A and B - Swierk site):

- 1 tank - 300 m3 for low-level waste,

- 6 tanks - 50 m3 for intermediate level waste,

- 2 tanks - 4 m3 for liquid waste from decontamination,

- 3 tanks - 1,6 m3 for liquid iodine waste.

  • Radioactive Waste Treatment Station (Building No 35- Swierk site)

- evaporator: 300 dm3/h evaporated water, natural circulation, steam healing,

- chemical treatment station: 1200 m3/y,

- reverse osmosis: 1 m3/h,

- bailing equipment (hydraulic press) - 12 T, volume reduction factor 3-5, 10 drums of 200 dm3 each per shift,

- cementation plant - 8 drums of 200 dm3 per shift.

  • Temporary waste storage facility (Building No 93- Swierk site) used for :

- storage conditioned waste before shipment to the National Radioactive Waste Repository,

- smoke defectors,

- storage of waste for decay,

- spent sealed sources in shielding containers,

- nuclear materials.

Total surface: 400 m2