Photo Exhibition "Faces of Uranium" in Polná

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From 24 September to 31 October 2014 there is going to be installed a photo exhibition "Faces of Uranium" of photographs by Václav Vašků in the passageway of a bookstore "Kuba and Pařízek" in Husovo náměstí 44, Polná. The photo exhibition runs concurrently with the processing of a feasibility study for opening Brzkov and Horní Věžnice uranium deposits (the government commissioned the state enterprise DIAMO to finish this study by 30 September 2014). The opening of the photo exhibition will take place on Wednesday 24 September at 3pm and Václav Vašků is going to be present, too.

The photographs show the most important places associated with uranium mining (Stráž pod Ralskem, Dolní Rožínka, Jáchymov, Příbram region), remediation or reclamation of tailings ponds (MAPE Mýdlovary) and the fate of some people associated voluntarily or involuntarily with Czech uranium industry. The aim is to highlight the impact of uranium mining and processing on the environment and human health and disprove the claim that nuclear power is "zero-emission" and "safe". At the opening and throughout the photo exhibition it is also possible to sign the petition by the civic association called "NO to Uranium Mining in the Highlands" (about 1200 signatures since July), which is addressed to the Prime Minister Sobotka. The opening will be accompanied by music performance and games for children. Photo exhibition opening hours: Mon - Fri 8am – 13pm and 12pm – 17pm and Sat - Sun 8am - 11am.

In close cooperation with Calla, the photo exhibition is co-organized by bookstore "Kuba and Pařízek", who kindly provided their space, and the association "Our Future Without Uranium" from Brzkov, which defends forcefully the right of people from and around Brzkov to protect their environment and health. The association cooperates closely with local authorities and associations, regional representatives, politicians and the media. On September 3, their activities were supported by Mayors of Brzkov, Věžnice, Polná and Přibyslav who (together with the association) signed the "Memorandum for the Future Without Uranium", in which they demand vigorously the removal of article no. 206 in chapter 7.4 of the draft update no.1 Spatial Development Policy of the Czech Republic. The article no. 206 defines the area and determines local conditions of the "uranium mining area south of Přibyslav" and was approved by the Regional Council of Highlands in July 2014 without the knowledge of local municipalities.

Olga Kališová, Calla (September 10, 2014)