PR:People in All Selected Sites Will Protest Against the Geological Disposal Facility Again

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=> CZECH version of this press release

Joint press release dated April 7, 2016

People in All Selected Sites Will Protest Against the Geological Disposal Facility Again

On Saturday 23rd April 2016, there will be held marches, marathon, concerts and other events to mark the joint protest in all seven sites in the Czech Republic which were chosen by the Radioactive Waste Repository Authority (RAWRA/SÚRAO) because of the siting process for a geological disposal facility. Mayors and inhabitants of the affected villages wish to draw attention to their fundamental disagreement with the possibility that highly dangerous radioactive waste lasting thousands of generations will end up under their homes.

In each of the seven sites, municipalities and associations adapted form of their protest events to the local conditions. However, they have got one thing in common - they want to alert to the unacceptable way in which the Czech Republic is solving the problem of spent nuclear fuel. There is a lack of the necessary legislation ensuring a better position of municipalities, no clear criteria are still not set up based on which the sites could be selected and it is not well justified whether the rush towards a single variant - the final geological disposal of radioctive waste - is the safest option.

The events are as follows:

  • The BŘEZOVÝ POTOK site

The Relay Race (Running and Cycling) Around the Boundaries of the Exploration Area, Concerts and Other Cultural Events in Pačejov + Warning Church Bells Ringing
Organizers: Municipalities of Chanovice, Kvášňovice, Maňovice, Olšany, Pačejov, Velký Bor, the City of Horažďovice and non-governmental organization "Nuclear waste – No, thank you!"
Petr Klásek Černický, Mayor of Chanovice, tel.: 606 745 795, e-mail: obec DOT chanovice AT email DOT cz[1]
Jan Vavřička, Mayor of Pačejov, tel.: 606 794 046, e-mail: starosta AT pacejov DOT cz[1]

  • The ČERTOVKA site

The March from Blatno over Blatenský svah through Lubenec to the Church of St. Giles via the "Stezka zářivka" Path (each participant will receive a tour map) and the Exhibition "Ňaderná Energie" by the Union members of Carlsbad artists in the Church of St. Giles (this event also initiates local tourist season)
Organisers: NGO Za záchranu kostela sv. Jiljí (Church of St. Giles) and SOS Lubenec
Kantovi, NGO Za záchranu kostela sv. Jiljí, tel.: 603 818 185, e-mail: skloart AT skloart DOT cz[1]
Marcela Svejkovská, NGO SOS Lubenec 725 509 133, e-mail: MarcelaSvejkovska AT seznam DOT cz[1]
Pavel Pavlík, Chairman of NGO SOS Lubenec 720 229 825, e-mail: ppavlik AT atlas DOT cz[1]

  • The ČIHADLO site

The March from Lodhéřov to the Čertův kámen and the film screening of "JOURNEY TO THE SAFEST PLACE OF EARTH" in Deštná with a debate
Petr Nohava, Deputy Mayor of Pluhův Žďár, tel.: 720 578 341, e-mail: p DOT nohava AT gmail DOT com[1]
Zdeněk Leitner, Mayor of Okrouhlá Radouň, tel.: 607 711 684, e-mail: leinerzd AT seznam DOT cz[1]

  • The HORKA site

The Star-shape March from Hodov, Rudíkov, Budišov and Nárameč to the Horka site
Organisers: NGO Zdravý domov Vysočina
Oldřich Svoboda, NGO Zdravý domov Vysočina, tel.: 602 788 543, e-mail: oldrich DOT svoboda AT sva DOT cz[1]
Jana Nožičková, NGO Zdravý domov Vysočina, tel.: 775 009 778, e-mail: jana DOT nozickova AT centrum DOT cz[1]

  • The HRÁDEK site

The Star-shape March to Čeřínek and the film screening of "JOURNEY TO THE SAFEST PLACE OF EARTH" in Jihlava with a Guest Debate
Organisers: Municipalities of Hojkov, Rohozná, Nový Rychnov, Milíčov, Cejle, NGO 2. Alternativa of Dolní Cerekev, NGO Bezjaderná vysočina, NGO KUŠ and NGO Čistá Rohozná and NGO Ekoinfocentrum
Jana Vitnerová, NGO Bezjaderná vysočina, tel.: 775 315 818, e-mail: vitnerova AT seznam DOT cz[1]
Milada Duchanová, Mayor of Hojkov, tel.: 607 116 535, e-mail: ouhojkov AT tiscali DOT cz[1]
Matěj Kolář, NGO KUŠ, tel.: 776 357 898, e-mail: groban AT seznam DOT cz[1]
Jana Kotoučková, NGO Ekoinfocentrum, tel.: 721 862 692, e-mail: ekoinfo AT centrum DOT cz[1]

  • The KRAVÍ HORA site

The March from Předklášteří to Tišnov and the film screening of "JOURNEY TO THE SAFEST PLACE OF EARTH" in Tišnov with debate and cultural program
Organisers: NGO Nechceme úložiště Kraví hora and The Green Party Tišnov
Martin Schenk, NGO Nechceme úložiště Kraví hora, tel.: 777 646 646, e-mail: martin DOT schenk AT habri DOT cz[1] Zdenka Dohnálková, The Green Party Tišnov, tel.: 732 687 266, e-mail: zdenka DOT dohnalkova AT gmail DOT com[1]

  • The MAGDALENA site

The March “Through the Region Where There Will Be No Geological Disposal Facility" - on foot, bike and by train as well and the film screening of "JOURNEY TO THE SAFEST PLACE OF EARTH" in Padařov with cultural program
Organisers: The Parish Committees of Padařov and Makov, NGO Zachovalý kraj with the support of the municipality of Jistebnice, Nadějkov, Božetice and the Parish Committee of Božejovice and NGO Naše Chyšecko
Marie Šittová, The Parish Committee of Makov, tel. 776 707 268, e-mail: majasitova AT seznam DOT cz[1]
Olga Černá, NGO Zachovalý kraj, tel.: 737 166 733, e-mail: olga DOT cerna AT gmail DOT com[1]

Detailed information on the individual events will be further updated by the organizers, available via

Further information on the siting process for a geological disposal facility may give:

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