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Media Release

GO NETwork ACTogether – environmental activists sailing with wind power into a nuclear-free future

International sailing trip of environmental activists from 6 different countries demanding a nuclear-free energy transition is about to start from Stockholm
Stockholm "Go. NETwork. ACTogether – For an international energy-change and a nuclear-free world!" - this slogan will guide a group of 40 activists from 6 different countries who are about to start their sailing trip in Stockholm on the 26th of August. With the power of the wind they will carry this message along the Swedish coast crossing the Baltic Sea to Greifswald in Germany where they will arrive on the 9th of September. They are undertaking this 2-weeks-journey to exchange knowledge, to raise awareness on the risks of nuclear power, to discuss alternatives and to establish a network fighting for an international energy transition. It was organised by several anti-atomic groups and activists from Germany, Folkkampanjen mot kärnkraft kärnvapen and Fältbiologerna from Stockholm.

After the startup-weekend in Stockholm, the group will stop in cities along the coast, e.g. Nyköping, Oskarshamn and Karlskrona. There they will meet local people and call for a nuclear-free world. They want to inform on atomic threats and encourage the discussion on the future of our international energy supply with the help of an exhibition, movies which will be shown on the sail of the boat „Lovis“, creative actions like street theatre and „Open Ship“-times on the „Lovis“ to get in touch with interested people.

While sailing they will hold workshops to exchange their knowledge on different types of energy production, risks of nuclear power and its alternatives and build the startup for an international network working together for an effective energy transition and against nuclear power.

The first actions will take place in Stockholm on the 24th of August when the group will hold a presentation and show a movie in Kafé 44 at 5 PM, on the 25th of August when a nuclear power station will be built at 2pm (place will be announced later on our blog) and on the 26th when the group invites to join a public discussion in the park of the Solidaritetshuset at 11 AM. In the evening of the same day at 9.30 PM there will be movies shown on the sail of the ship „Lovis“ (in good weather conditions) which will be docked at the city harbour of Stockholm.

The following cities will be part of the GoNETworkACTogether-tour:
Stockholm, Nyköping, Oskarshamn, Karlskrona, Lubmin, Greifswald.

You can follow our tour and get the latest news on our blog and download pictures.

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This media release has been provided by the "Nuclear Heritage Network". It is an international network of anti-nuclear activists. This informal alliance supports the worldwide anti-nuclear work. The Nuclear Heritage Network is no label, has no standard opinion and no representatives. All activists of the network speak for themselves or for the groups they represent.

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