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Berlin, 9 November 2012

Civil society in Germany demanded to implement Lithuanian referendum results

On 5 November, 1:30 p.m., members of civil society protested in front of the Lithuanian embassy in Berlin, Germany. They demanded Lithuanian politicians to implement the results of the referendum held on 14 October, 2012, in which majority said "No" to nuclear plans.

Citizens expressed their concerns about the statements of Lithuanian politicians showing they are prepared to ignore the results of the referendum. Protesters reminded Lithuanian politicians that the results of the referendum are legally binding and the Parliament has to implement them within one month after their announcement.

"The real state of democracy in a country is measured by examining whether it is implementing its laws or not," said Heila Beyme from "Anti Atom Berlin". Petra Sawade from the same anti-nuclear group emphasized that not only anti-nuclear, but many citizens in Germany are worried about democracy in Lithuania: "Anti Atom Berlin, Germany and other countries of EU will go on fighting against Visaginas nuclear power plant."

The protestors shouted the Lithuanian "Ne atominei!" ("No to nuclear power plant!") in order to remind the decision of Lithuanian citizens made in the referendum. They held banners in German, Lithuanian and English reading "Implement referendum results", "Ne AKW Visaginas" ("AKW" from German "Atomkraftwerk" - nuclear power plant), "Renewable energy".

"Lithuanian people have used their constitutional right to make one of the most important decisions in the nation's life in the referendum. Now the Parliament and the President must perform their constitutional duty and implement people's decision," said activist from "ŽALI.LT" Laura Gintalaitė. The embassy promised to deliver an open letter to the President and the members of the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania handed in by protesters. The letter was signed by a well-known German anti-nuclear NGO "Bürgerinitiative Umweltschutz Lüchow-Dannenberg" (Lüchow-Dannenberg Citizens Initiative for Ecological Protection) and Lithuanian association "ŽALI.LT". "It would be unconstitutional to ignore people’s decision to become a nuclear-free country and continue the talks with "Hitachi-GE" on the construction of the new nuclear power plant in Visaginas" reads the letter. The signers cite the Law on Referendum and urge politicians "to pass the necessary legal acts, as a matter of urgency".

The organizers estimate that more than 40 people from Germany, Japan, Poland and other countries participated in the protest. Various nature protection groups, such as "Naturfreunde", "Anti Atom Plenum", "Bund Umwelt Natur Deutschland" (BUND), "Naturfreundejugend Potsdam", "Grüne Liga Berlin" were represented in the action organized by "Anti Atom Berlin" and "ŽALI.LT".

The same day citizens also protested at Lithuanian embassy in the capital of Latvia, Riga.

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