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Wie kann ich an der Aktion teilnehmen?

Eine steigende Zahl von Anti-Atom-Gruppen und -Organisationen hat den Samstag, 28. August 2010 zum Aktionstag am AKW Olkiluoto erklärt. Die Idee ist es, eine Vielzahl von Aktionstechniken anzuwenden, um die Zufahrtstraßen zum AKW zu blockieren. Nuclear industry with the blessing of Finnish government has gone too far and stepped on too many people. We cannot trust the industrial companies or the politicians who are in bed with them. We want to encourage one another to take back our autonomy.

This will be the first publicly announced blockade in Finland. Neither Reclaim the street events nor critical masses have had any trouble in Finland. All the participants will be committed to the most important principle of civil-disobedience: The action must not harm living things. We want the official authorities to act according to the same principle. We are inviting everyone to join us. You can choose the way of participating that suits you best, such as having a picnic in front of the nuclear power plant (people having a snack on the road), forming human chains in front of the gates etc. You can also form a small group of your own and come up with your own ideas to blockade the roads to the nuclear power plant for the day.

It is recommended to form a group, either before the action or upon arrival. Members of the group could be you neighbors, co-workers etc. Group members should take care of one another in the crowd of people. Please, get to know the principles of the action (below).

You can come by car, hitchhike, use public transport, ride a bike or share a ride with a group. There will be more information on transport on this website. Following the web-pages of groups joining the blockade is a good idea as well as asking the groups directly.

On this website, there will be links to road-maps, driving instructions and legal advice. People have the right to demonstrate but if a person does not follow a police order to move (police have to carry people away) they are usually fined. The fined amount depends on your monthly income. We want all the participants to know their rights and possible consequences of their actions.

Make sure you have enough water, food and clothes with you! We also hope people will bring antinuclear-banners and slogans (and they could even be used en route to Olkiluoto). For the picnic you could bring musical instruments, tablecloths, chairs, tables, boardgames... Lets reclaim space from the nuclear industry for the use of common people!

The principles of the blockade:
Your actions will have an effect on other people present, so be responsible. No alcohol, drugs or weapons of any kind. No national flags or symbols of political parties. There is no room for violence, sexism, racism, or any other forms of oppressive behavior.

Groups and organizations:
If your group wants to support the blockade officially, you can send an e-mail with the name of your group/organization to: olkiluotoblockade AT riseup.net[1]

Of course you can join the blockade without announcing it beforehand!

Please promote the blockade actively! Flyers can be ordered from the email address mentioned above or they can be printed from this web page. Start planning your transportation. Surely there will be people interested in joint rides outside of the organizations, just remember to advertise so you have enough people to fill the bus and make it cheaper!

Reserve food and water for the passengers.

  1. For protection against automatical email address robots searching for addresses to send spam to them this email address has been made unreadable for them. To get a correct mail address you have to displace "AT" by the @-symbol.