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Short History

  • started in 2006 as a local youth initiative
    • research project about the Final Disposal Site in Morsleben (D)
    • local actions in Magdeburg (D)
  • turned into a transational youth initiative in 2007
    • excursion to Finland in February 2007
    • participating in the German network of local initiatives against final disposal sites
    • making contacts in further countries: Belarus, Russia, France
  • 2008: expansion to Nuclear Heritage Network
    • making contacts in further countries: Austria, Australia, Hungary, United Kingdom, Canada
    • first flyers produced: ASSE, Gorleben, Morsleben, Schacht Konrad (German Final Disposal Sites)
    • exhibition about the Final Repository Morsleben produced in English language
    • network meeting, network action, taking part in international actions in Finland, Germany and UK
  • 2009: plans for further projects: International Network Office, network meetings, youth exchange, international actions

Basic Idea

  • fight against the risks of nuclear power and the circumstances which allow some people to profit from a technique with no respect for other people
  • no label or common ideology / positions
  • open platform or space for information exchange and coordinating activities
  • people who want to organize a project together can do it - but there is no pressure to decide everything together

Ideas and Aims

  • provide resources (money, infrastructure, prints)
  • exchange information and support each other
  • provide background information about nuclear issues in different countries & several languages
  • connect activists and help with contacts to experts and speakers from different countries
  • organize network meetings and common activities if wanted


  • workshops to promote the network at several camps and congresses
  • setting up the international network Wiki page + email mailing list
  • Setting up special country pages in the Wiki + Finnish, Russian and English NukeNews newsletters as well as the French-German bulletin
  • organizing money for international work