Nuclear Energy Conference 2015

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Nuclear Energy Conference 2015

Europe without nuclear
What does Europe's energy future look like?

19th May 2015
Redoutensäle in Promenadenhof
Linz - Upper Austria

The Nuclear Energy Conference 2015 is a continuation of the Nuclear Energy Conference 2014 which took place in Prague and which dealt with the economic limits of nuclear power. Since last year, there are increasing signs that nuclear power is at its end. Leading energy companies report that they want to withdraw from nuclear and rely more on renewable energy. Nuclear expansion plans come to a halt, the share of nuclear power in Europe has steadily decreased

We therefore want to take a utopian / realistic look into the near future: Europe has phased out nuclear power. What does Europe's energy future look like? What scenarios are available for selected countries? And how have these countries managed to overcome nuclear power?

Conference organizers:

  • Anti Atom Komitee
  • atomstopp_atomkraftfrei leben!
  • Mütter gegen Atomgefahr