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Frontcover of the Postcard to promote the Nuclear Climate Camp
Backcover of the Postcard
Northern nuclear competence!

NO to Uranium Power - Antinuclear Climate Camp

Tervola, Lapland, Finland 20 – 26 of July 2009

Welcome to join our protest camp in finnish Lapland this summer! We won't allow this corner of the world, that the borders of the finnish government surrounds, to become a paradise of the nuclear industry!

Olkiluoto 3, The fifth reactor in the country is now under constuction in Western Finland. Over a thousand mistakes have already been documented in the construction work. The cost of the construction is now twice the original budget, and the project is already three years behind schedule.

However, the Finnish government seems so excited about this success, that they are happy to let nuclear industry take care of the economy of the country in the future as well. The recent dramatic decreases in energy consumption has not affected the plans for possibly even three more reactors.

The problem with final storage for nuclear waste is said to be solved here, for the first time in the world. A huge grave has already been dug for high level radioactive waste, despite that the project is considered absurd in expert circles.

As Finland has a reputation of having an exceptionally positive attitude toward nuclear industry, it's not surprising that companies interested in uranium mining come here as well. There are almost 20 applications for uranium mining in effect at the moment, in various places in Eastern and Northern Finland.

This year we´ll have a protest camp in Tervola, Lapland, near the Simo municipality, where the company Fennovoima (owned by German energy giant Eon) has bought land for building a new nuclear plant, close to one of the last open salmon rivers on the European continent. Small communities with economical problems are easy to buy, when the local politicians are more interested in the money than in the well being of nature and the community in the long term.

We´ll also pay a visit to Ranua, where French nuclear company Areva is about to start test drilling for uranium.

The aim is to make the camp a space, where local movements against uranium prospecting and nuclear projects, NGOs that fight against the Finnish government's ridiculous energy policy, radical ecological groups, international antinuclear activists, and of course anyone else interested in the issues, can gather together, unite, and build a stronger movement. The program will provide information, skill sharing and action. As well, the aim is for the camp to be a space for sharing our visions about a safer and nicer future, and for learning to live respecting both the nature and the people around us!

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