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Mycle Schneider is an energy and nuclear policy consultant based in Paris. He has consulted for the Belgian Energy Minister, the French and German environment ministries, the International Atomic Energy Agency, Greenpeace, the European Commission, and the French Institute for Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety. He is a member of the International Panel on Fissile Materials.[1] Schneider is also a Member of the Independent Group of Scientific Experts (IGSE) on the detection of clandestine nuclear-weapons-usable materials, which is based at Hamburg University.[2] Since 2004 he has overseen the Environment and Energy Strategies lecture series for the Environmental and Energy Engineering Program at the French Ecole des Mines in Nantes.[1]

Mycle Schneider founded WISE-Paris[3] in 1983 and directed it until 2003. In 1997 he received the Right Livelihood Award.[4][5]

Schneider is co-author of The World Nuclear Industry Status Reports and co-editor of the 2009 book International Perspectives on Energy Policy and the Role of Nuclear Power.[6]

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