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Template:Infobox NPP The Loviisa Nuclear Power Station is located close to the Finnish city Loviisa and houses two PWR reactors. They are of the Soviet/Russian type VVER-440/213 with a capacity of 488 MW each that started electricity production in 1977 and 1980. In order to comply with newly developed Finnish regulations, Westinghouse supplied the instrumentation and Siemens supplied the sleeves. Due to this unorthodox approach of supplying some things from US companies and the rest from Atomenergoeksport, a Soviet at the time, the plant got the nickname of "Eastinghouse". The plant is operated by Fortum Oyj.

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Further information resources

  • Loviisa 1[1]:
    • since 1977 - 488 MW
  • Loviisa 2[1]
    • since 1980 - 488 MW
  • Status of proposed nuclear plants in the Baltic Sea region as of August 29, 2012[2]:
    • Loviisa 3:
      • proposed construction start: 2015
      • proposed operation begin: 2020

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