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Show your SOLIDARITY with our INTERNATIONAL COLLABORATION for the PROTECTION of our COMMUNITIES, our HUMAN RIGHTS, and our MOTHER EARTH from nuclear destruction by making a contribution today... We are a group of organizers and activists working together as a planning committee to coordinate an International Anti-Nuclear Action Camp in Europe during Summer 2018. Our planning committee members come from India, Japan, Russia, Germany, Turkey, France, and the United States. We are collaborating to reunite and invite others to join us to learn about each other's struggles, discuss strategies, and plan future campaigns.

In July 2017, we gathered 50 representatives from 13 countries and 4 continents who are all working for the protection of our world from the nuclear fuel chain: from uranium mining and transport to enrichment, fuel fabrication, and nuclear/atomic power and weapons. In 2018, we hope our next camp will bring more participation and cover more topics.

We are requesting donations to support our 2018 camp and preparatory work. Our first planning meeting will take place in Paris from the 30th of October through the 1st of November 2017, planned in conjunction with the 3rd Anti-Nuclear World Social Forum to be held in Paris from the 2nd of November to the 4th. Members of the planning committee will also travel to Bonn, Germany to participate in side events at the UN Convention on Climate Change (a.k.a. COP23).

Make your donations here:

Initial funds will go toward travel for 7 of our organizers and meeting expenses. So your contribution will literally go a long way!

The first 8 donations of $200 or more will receive a complimentary copy of Helen Caldicott's book entitled The New Nuclear Danger. Each donation over $100 will receive a set of anti-nuke stickers from various campaigns and organizations.

Ahéhee’ Merci Вы Gracias Danke ありがとう Thank you

To contact the organizers about the preparation meeting or attending our 2018 Anti-Nuke Camp, please email: camp2018 AT nuclear-heritage DOT net[1].

To get more information about the previous Anti-Nuclear Camps, please visit:

For information about the Anti-Nuclear World Social Forum:

For information about the UN Convening on Climate Change:

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