International Anti-nuclear Network Meeting in Döbeln/Reflecting the camp

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<= Summer Camp 2012

From my point of view it was an opportunity to do something about the nuclear disease.

Of course this is a global problem because a fallout wouldn`t stop at the border like some people would like us to believe. To see what is happening around Germany was another motivation. To hear about the EURATOM deals or about the referendum in Lithuania and other places was important information to me, because I think, “the devil you know is better than the devil you don`t”...

To work with the press and to write a little was a great experience too, may be I could have done a better job on the telephone, but I was a little nervous and I`m not the typ of guy who can speak without listening in between.

Getting in touch with people was like my time at the university in Lüneburg, but with more focus. I would have liked some more activity like going into Döbeln and discuss a topic in public somehow or in a pub maybe.

The food was delicious all the time (a little too much lentils), but breaks seemed too long to me and I missed the people who were cooking. It was a way to organize it, but one good breakfast and one meal in the evening would be sufficient and maybe this would also gather thoughts around the fireplace some more where also other stuff can be exchanged. Coming to the next and last critic, splitting up into groups too much is a waste of time. You go deep into topic once and then you got to bring it back on a “for everybody” level. I respect the organisation skills very much and the camp was structured in a sense, I can adapt to, but I feel like we had more potential which was maybe hindered by too many different points on the agenda.

I have to admit, I had problems to sleep and my mind hardly came to rest in the night, this can have many reasons: the hill, girls, not wanting to sleep, too much energy or no satisfying results for example. Sometimes I blame myself then not really knowing what went wrong or what I should change. I hope you can forgive me for that. May be it would also be good to choose one who will douse the camp fire, a volunteer for one night you can talk to till you`re tired.

What did I take with me? I got to know good people, I`ve been to Czech and saw how people have to arrange with wasted land and water (a problem we face in Germany, too), the decision to go to Paris afterwards instead of Olkiluoto to protest against nuclear weapons (I wouldn`t have known about that action), connections that help or I can put some work in from time to time and the hope that we're the majority!