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Presentation of The Nuclear Heritage Network

held on 29/12/08

Since this summer an international network of Anti-nuclear activists is developing. It started with a network meeting in Bure, France, whith activists from Austria, Australia, France and Germany. However, the roots of the network lie some years in the past. A campaign with the title "Europe's Nuclear Heritage" was started from Greenkids e.V., an independent Germany Environmental Youth Organization in 2006. European funding was organized for anti-nuclear work and first international contacts could be found.

The presentation gives an overview on projects and activities of the network in the past, upcoming events and on how you can participate. The Nuclear Heritage Network has no common ideology, label or decision making. It is an informal network of activists to exchange information, support each other, organize some common activities if wanted and to provide some connections for anti-nuclear work.

Some of the groups from which people came to the Network Meeting on the JUKSS will be introduced, too. You are welcome to inform yourself and to take part in this activists network. The presentation will take place on December 29, 2008 at 12:30 am in room 10A on the 3rd floor.

About The Nuclear Heritage Network
It is about fighting against the risks of nuclear power and the social, economical and political circumstances which make it possible that some people can profit from such a technique with no respect for the lifes, health and needs of other people. The network itself does not follow a special ideology and has no common positions. It is an open network of anti-nuclear activists and it wants to provide the infrastructure and the connections for anti-nuclear work. It is a space for the exchange of background information and contacts to activists and experts. People can make agreements on common activities between those activists or groups who want to cooperate on a special topic or project. Another idea is to support the anti-nuclear work of people in other countries, to reduce thinking in terms of nations and increase working without boundaries.

The first network meeting took place in Bure, France, in August 2008. Activists from Australia, Austria, France and Germany came together to talk about projects, campaigns and actions and to organize their further network activities. In 2008 there were several international actions with people from different countries activists of the network participated in: the Anti Nuclear Festival near Olkiluoto (Finland) this Summer, the NUCLEAR weekEND near Loviisa (Finland) in October, the Aldermaston Big Blockade (United Kingdom) in October and the resistance against the Castor Transport in Germany in November.

To inform about activities, upcoming events, background information and other anti-nuclear issues a Wiki webpage was created. At everybody can create an account and publish their information. A common public relations page is in development, articles give information about nuclear issues in several countries, foto galeries give an impressium of some actions, reports inform about some anti-nuclear events of international interest. Another new element of this webpage are the country pages which can be used and enlarged from activists in their countries to inform about the nuclear situation there, policys, actions and events, groups and other interesting stuff. We currently provide some country-specific newsletters you can subscribe on the webpage.

The email mailing list “nuclear heritage” ( wants to connect anti-nuclear activists, support activities and their work, make communication easier, give information about international relevant things on this field and to organize common activities and meetings. Currently (in December 2008) there are about 70 people subscribed on the list from Austria, Australia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Russia and UK. Not all of them are organized activists and not all of them will actively take part in the network. But it is a good start.

The network has its roots in a project of the independent German environmental youth organization Greenkids e.V. In 2006 they started a project with the title “Europas Atomerbe” (Europe’s Nuclear Heritage) to inform about the risks and problems of the nuclear waste disposal in the German final disposal site Morsleben which is used as an repository of low and intermediate level radioactive waste. In the following years contacts to activists and groups in several countries were created. Some projects were started to support the efforts to develope an international anti-nuclear network.

The meeting at the German Youth Environmental Congress will be the second one and we expect to meet many new people. We hope to be successful with continuing our network activities and to build up a real network of people supporting each other with knowledge, resources, information and practical help. In August 2009 the next international meeting is planned to be held near the border between Austria and Czech Republic or Slovenia.