International Anti-nuclear Network Meeting December 2008 in Frankfurt/Main / Introduction to The International Network Meeting of Anti-nuclear Activists

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We want to build a big international network to fight against nuclear crime.

Who is who- first we want to introduce and come in contact with each other. And we will try to address your wishes concerning Workshops, Actions/Projects, Network/Connections while creating the meetings' schedule.

The International Anti-nuclear Meeting starts with this workshop on December 29, 2008 from 10:00 to 12:00 am in room 10A on the 3rd floor.

Introducation to The International Network Meeting of Anti-nuclear Activists

held on 29/12/08

Schedule of the workshop:
from 10:00 am to 12:00 am

  • 5 minutes: introduction to the workshop and network meeting
  • get to know each other, Icebreaker
    • 5 minutes: a round to tell your names (write it on crepe tape)
    • 30 Minutes: "small talk" - two chair circles, people sitting in couples face to face with each other, discussing questions given by the facilitator limited to 3 minutes for every question; questions e.g.:
      • where are you from?
      • what's your favourite dish?
      • what was the most exciting action you ever did?
      • how did you come here?
      • what topic are you interested in?
      • what's your favourite activity?
      • what did you do last Friday?
      • what's your favourite banner slogan?
      • which kind of action do you like?
      • ...
  • 30 minutes: a round to get your expectations and wishes concerning our meeting
    • "whisper clusters": small groups up to three people are whispering with each other a maximum of five minutes about their expectations and wishes concerning the meeting; then changeover - creating of new small groups in a new constellation of people continuing the exchange; repeat this procedure three to five times depending on the number of participants
    • everybody gets a piece of paper and a pen to write down the most interesting ideas and points
    • 15 minutes: collect all wishes and ideas on a placard wih the Topics: Workshops, Actions/Projects, Network/Connections, Needs/Wishes, ...
    • 15 minutes: make agreements
  • discussion of the programme for the meeting
    • 10 minutes: draft of the programme + workshop ideas
    • 10 minutes: discussion
    • ask participants to document the workshops of the international meeting and to put this on the wiki page


from 12:30 am to 14:00 am

  • 30 minutes: presentation of the Nuclear Heritage Network
  • 60 minutes: presentation of the groups and their topics
    • Nuclear Free Finland (Finland)
    • Greenkids (Germany)
    • Initsiativa Regional Youth Council (Bulgaria)
    • Chiche! (France)

Wishes, Needs and Expectations Towards The Meeting

Workshops Actions/Projects Network/Connections Needs/Wishes Others
Direct Action Concrete Results!?! Connect with people with same interest/ideas, work together New ideas Questions of strategy: where, and how, to best use our resources
Practical skills share skills connect France & Finland (EPR, Areva, Uranium) We need to give alternatives (to nuclear energy)
Nukeheritage wiki Newsletter (different countries) Connect people with different interests/ideas, cooperation & diversity To learn of alternative ways
Summer camp in Finland (open for all) Country pages on wiki Meeting continuously & work
Strategy! Leaflets about local situations, translate in different languages (there's money, needs to be done soon) Coffee, chocolate etc!
Tour around Baltic Sea (in 2010) Inspiration
General flyer Relax
International Network Office A place to smoke
Action together during gathering! Learn about different countries