Challenges the anti-nuclear movement is facing in Sweden

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There are two major challenges the anti-nuclear movement is facing in Sweden right now, other than the numerous aspects of the ongoing struggle:

1) the so-called "main hearing" in the environmental court ("Miljödomstolen" in Swedish) dealing with the Swedish nuclear industry's application to build a spent fuel repository (the KBS-3 application), currently scheduled to take five weeks in September-October 2017, and

2) the Sunday March 4, 2018 non-binding referendum in the municipality of Östhammar on siting of a spent fuel repository at Forsmark, where the Swedish nuclear industry has applied to build their KBS-3 facility.

The "main hearing" is the step in an application process where oral presentations are made by the parties involved in front of four judges and each other. The court has given notification that in July 2017 they expect to confirm the schedule for the main hearing. The court presented a preliminary schedule on May 3, 2017 to the parties for comment that is likely not to change significantly. A translation to English of that schedule is at

The court has stressed that advance notice of participation in the main hearing is not obligatory, though it facilitates the court's planning. Regarding the language spoken for presentations the May 3rd notification from the court reads,

   "You must inform the court if you intend to provide comments in a language 
   other than Swedish and in that case during which point in the court 
   procedure. Information: the main hearing will be held in Swedish. The court 
   will arrange any interpreter."

The Swedish Environmental Movement's Nuclear Waste Secretariat (Milkas, see welcomes proposals for cooperation from organisations and individuals interested in participating in the fall 2017 KBS-3 hearing.

For information in English see: and .

By Miles Goldstick, Information Secretary, The Swedish Environmental Movement's Nuclear Waste Secretariat (Miljörörelsens kärnavfallssekretariat, Milkas), June 2, 2017