Canada: Pickering Nuclear Station lifetime extension

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PNS construction started in 1960s and opened in 1971. Currently it’s once again extended license expires in 2018, but OPG (Ontario Power Generation) is seeking extension of its license again to 2028. Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) licensing today foresees under current licensing, the Pickering reactors will be in dormant storage until 2050 and decommissioning will begin in 2051 and the reactors will be released from regulatory control in 2065.

The OPG request for extension to 2028 is based on the fact that 4 reactors at Darlington and Bruce will be shut down between 2020- 2024. However risking its extension so close to the largest Canadian Metropolis TORONTO is not only risky, but costly and unnecessary; as much cheaper Hydro power is available from Quebec at 5c/KWH, while refurbishment costs are around 18c/KWH.

Facts remain that:

  1. 2.2 M people [largest no in Americas] live within 30 KMs of its location. TOO CLOSE & CROWDED
  2. PNS is fourth oldest reactor in North America and 7th oldest reactor in the world. No Insurance policy covers residents and their homes. TOO RISKY FOR INSURANCE INDUSTRY TO DO SO.
  3. Closing PNS’s six reactors will reduce costs by replacing it with Quebec’s cheap Hydro power. It’s too COSTLY & UNNECESSARY RISK FOR TOO MANY MILLIONS!
  4. Pickering City Council rejected call for not issuing building permits within 10 KMs of the PNS in 1980s, and now it is not yielding to community ask for dismantling it after 2018.
  5. OPG’S EMERGENCY PLANS have not been tested for their suitability by OPG yet.
  6. Decades long search for safe long term disposal of nuclear waste has failed, as it seems this planet meant for water [70%] is just does not have a safe place for NUCLEAR WASTE!

Only thin layer of protection is provided by the OPG’s offer of giving FREE KI [Potassium Iodide] TABLETS TO ALL WITHIN 50 KMS OF THE PNS BY ORDERING THEM AT PREPARETOBESAFE.CA

CHAITANYA KALEVAR MSc MASC MBA – AUTHOR OF "Climate Change in the nuclear Age"