Call for solidarity for hungerstrikers in Pyhäjoki, Finland

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Anti-nuclear struggle continues in Pyhäjoki, Finland. The Hanhikivi anti-nuclear camp was almost evicted last week, 15th of September, 2015. But the cops could'nt get one person down from a tree hut. Some people started a new camp just next to the construction site, in a cottage which had been a second base of the camp until now. Isolating the person in a tree led to hunger strike of 5 people.

Fennovoima company doesn't allow activists to bring vital supplies to the person in the tree. He has been out of food since saturday 19th of September. In this situation he started a hunger strike demanding to get food, more warm clothes, needed supplies, etc. Monday 21th, 4 more people started a solidarity hunger strike with the same demands. Three of the support strikers are camping next to the Fennovoima office in Pyhäjoki centrum and one is in Helsinki.

The order to deny all entry to the area is given by the Fennovoima's construction manager Jouni Sipiläinen and the Oulu police head is loyal to their friend, despite the fact, that actually there doesn't exist legal prohibition of trespassing at the area yet.

We, supporters of the hungerstrikers are really concerned especially about the condition of the person protesting in a treehut. The person has stayed there one week. The weather is cold, rainy and windy, situation in the area is very stressful because of big amount of private security guards, who don't let supporters inside the area. Situation of the protester is hard.

We strongly ask you for solidarity actions and sharing of information!

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