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  • For successfully campaigning against the Baltic NPP the environmental organization Ecodefense has been punished on June 16, 2014 by being declared a "Foreign Agent".
  • The construction works at the NPP site stopped, construction has been cancelled on March 28th, 2014. [1] [2] [3]
  • situated at Kaliningrad enclave, Russia
    • 120 km from Kalinigrad, 60 km from Kurshsky gulf, 12 km east- west from Neman[4]
    • 120 km from Kalinigrad[4]
    • new NPP planned / under construction[5]
  • an international anti-nuclear conference focusing on the new NPP construction plans of Lithuania, Belarus and Kaliningrad (Russia) took place in Vilnius (LT) on December 6-8, 2011

Media coverage

30.05.2013 Baltic NPP debacle: Construction reported halted, possibly mothballed

….Rosatom’s search in the past three years for partners in Europe has failed to deliver either future energy buyers or potential shareholders willing to pledge funds to the project – a first in which the Russian nuclear industry has made 49% equity available to a foreign investor….

Baltic NPP debacle: Construction reported halted, possibly mothballed

A KLT-40C reactor plant. Afrikantov OKBM has developed these 40-megawatt reactors for use on board of floating nuclear power plants. Rosatom now considers operating one at the site of the beleaguered Baltic NPP project – a baffling idea that will likely relegate the currently 2,300-megawatt design, and possibly the entire construction, to the annals of failed projects of the nuclear industry


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