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October 14-20, 2013 in Döbeln, Germany

NEXT STEPS Nuclear Baltic meeting 20.10.2013

Issues to discuss:

  • preparation of next working meeting in December
  • continuous Skype conferences
  • the date for next coordination group meeting (cannot be agreed now, because B.[1] does not know yet about her plans) - agreed later to take place 5.11.13
  • discussion of main roles and tasks: important to communicate with others, that tasks were supposed to be shared in the planning meeting, but we did not do it, so this is a problem for the project
  • strategy of the project - more like realistic plans till next year?, also realistic things, what can be done by us to make this project proceed, making very low goals and discuss, what we can achieve together for that and how to achieve them till the end of the year; commitments
  • milestones of the project for next half year (proposal of A.[1])
  • evaluation of planning meeting to inform us how to plan the next meeting like that (proposal of B.[1])

Skype conferences

coordination of main roles and tasks

  • A.[1]: no need to meet for website improvement right now
  • "inclusion of other participants" + "translation" groups are not relevant now. We push now media group, finances, and coordination group as a realistic start
  1. media group: C.[1], D.[1], B.[1], A.[1]
  2. finances: C.[1] and maybe D.[1] next year
  3. coordination: A.[1], C.[1], B.[1]

  • documentation of planning meeting - everyone comments on them, A.[1] edits
  • one task of coordination group is reminding people about their commitments; reminding means reminding people individually, not in the mailing list
  • we discussed in July, that 1 person cannot be in more than one working group, but this does not work at the moment due to a lack of committing people.
  • It would be good to remember, what we talked in July, what is minimum requirements for the project
  • TO DO: To have minutes of July meeting on the wall in paper (B.[1])

some milestones of the project

  • documentation; good looking website
  • A.[1] proposes to have milestones for next half year, and then another
  • discussion of ideas for projects and activities from the planning meeting; focusing on some currently realistic ones of those
  • strategy of the project: we ticked some things, where people have already worked on or committed to work

preparation of next working meeting in December

  • B.[1]: what kind of meeting this should be? Only book working group or people will work on other issues? Who will participate?
  • new call-out would be good, but there are no volunteers for that at the moment
  • if there are new people, we could have an introduction day; but: it is a working meeting, not a general meeting to define the project
  • TO DO:
    • reminding in mailing list
    • checking, whether there are any proposals from working groups: petition group, book project group;
      • C.[1] will ask in media group, whether we can have a meeting of media group during this week
      • schedule the meeting of coordination group - but if only the three of us are attending, it does not make sense to waste time of this week as we can meet at another point of time, too
    • food needs to be organized: dumpster diving, donations from companies (no volunteers for this so far)
    • if external people come, requests for travel support need to be dealt with
    • reminder email to groups in the of the granted project
      • B.[1]: prepares personal email for a few persons from partner groups. DONE
        • personal email for - can be done now, and also needs to be repeated shortly before the meeting
    • call out - invitation text to add to the wiki (no volunteers)
    • B.[1] will be in this meeting partly (excluding 10.12. for sure) and will prepare something more regarding Visaginas NPP
    • Luonto-Liitto would be good, if come
    • maybe would come
    • Wise will not come
    • Latvia - A.[1] is already doing the work they can, not likely that they can do more right now
    • Poland – D.[1] would maybe come

other discussions

  • A.[1] would like to know what does it need to be done to write a book article. C.[1] says checklists are good - what needs to be done
  • A.[1] offers to merge to do lists, priorities; C.[1] would not do that
  • A.[1] wants to have group process with people in the mailing list, with people who have been in the planning meeting
  • C.[1]: see it as try and failure; if it does not work one way, it might work in a different one
  • A.[1]: before working meeting - email to mailing list, based on to do lists
  • B.[1]: a problem, that we did not have evaluation of the planning meeting afterwards; we had too ambitious goals for the planning meeting, invited people too late, but it was not possible otherwise
  • A.[1] wants to write thoughts to evaluate, B.[1] would prefer to talk about it; A.[1] suggests to make conclusions yourself on evaluation of planning meeting
  • our concrete tasks till end of this year, which help us to reach our goals:
    • L:
      • goals/milestones:
        • some more articles published in database; 2-4 pages prepared for the book (ideally)
        • contribution to anti-nuclear campaigns
      • some tasks/commitments:
        • share with D.[1] how to promote upcoming events in Facebook
        • book article at least on Visaginas NPP - in December; maybe start Visaginas flyer, consulting on that before with other people in LT anti-nuclear movement, whether this is useful
        • contribution to NukeNews (suggestion - to drop Lithuanian translation because there is not enough capacities to do that)
        • contribution to press release in December
        • updates on Belarus NPP petition, if any - putting them on website
        • minutes keeping and facilitation of various meetings
        • reminding people about commitments, during their shift, and other tasks of coordination group
        • join working meetings
    • C.[1]:
      • commitments:
        • finish book article on Olkiluoto in 2 days plus one week of the working meeting in December
        • introduce the details of the grant on 4th of November to B.[1] and A.[1]; DONE
        • send out media release: first one - this night (DONE); another media release on activities – book and petition this year; maybe third media release this year
        • make media group meetings - Skype conferences starting soon, discuss media strategy, develop our milestones, first activities, share media contacts, discuss how to and if to do daily media work
        • bookkeeping in 2 days and maybe few more days available for that
        • prepare networking for Finland - schedule, travel route
        • remind people about some commitments during their coordination shift
        • will invite people to December working meeting
        • read and help to organize documentation of meetings
        • to join biweekly VOIP conferences, which will start soon
        • remind people about book articles, which they promised to write: B.[1], J., Z.
        • try to involve people who were interested in the project in the past
        • set up work group pages in the wiki (DONE)
    • A.[1]:
      • has it in calendar, will add later
  • milestones of the project/how to proceed with further meetings
    • A.[1] suggests to have priorities as milestone and to clarify what are we are doing in the long term
    • C.[1] clarifies: Network office - a service to support anti-nuclear groups in the world; Atomic Baltic project is another thing
    • A.[1]: Baltic Sea project is connected, because in office hours people can contact us


  • we need to have more facilitation and visualisation for other meetings
  • we need to have more structure during the meetings, e.g. to clarify expectations for the end of the meeting, what should be done, in order to prevent misunderstandings


  • A.[1] will synchronize the wall with what we have discussed now, that is, steps, and add realistic points to timetable
  • A.[1] will write to the mailing list on evaluation and also put the new evaluation file to the wiki
  • evaluation about the week & the weekend of working meeting: for this round we agreed on to just talk on demand

evaluation of the meeting

  • it happened several times that we went into topics without having clear agreement on method and how much time we want to use for them
  • A.[1] was not able to do all the things they planned to during the week but worked a lot on wiki maintenance.
  • C.[1] was not very happy with this week because they felt stressed by the context and tasks that were not clear which they had to do before starting the book articles. So they started yesterday with investigations instead of before as planned. The reason were meetings before this week which left over tasks that made this big hangover.
  • compared to other working meetings so far this time there was less the feeling of having a common topic; it changed in a positive way during the week
  • C.[1] is unhappy that they were not able to invite more people to this week; instead of only writing to the mailing list it would have been better to contact more people in person
  • household topics kept back a bit and were frustrating especially when the dishes accumulated
  • A.[1]: to call the week a cooperation meeting we had to few meetings; they would like to have at least two meetings everyday and their vision is to have it more like regular office with daily feedback rounds
  • B.[1]: in offices usually meetings are only once a week
  • C.[1] was stressed by daily meetings because of one hour (scheduled, but often with open end) meta talk that steals time and because meetings cause more time afterwards; for the project house meeting the initial intention was to to the afterwork on that day which did not work so far; questions between take also time which is a problem at the moment
  • A.[1]: it very much depends on how people are used; meetings are not necessary if everybody is aware of all open tasks; otherwise regular meetings need to be more often to remind each other; if people are loaded with tasks very much, they become tired because tasks stay undone and the process of talk about it is quite slow
  • B.[1] found the morning meetings quite nice; they needed the time to work here even if they intended to leave some days before; in the end they are happy to stay here; there were some conflicts and misunderstandings; work on Visaginas NPP article just started, because there were other things to do and because of illness; it is necessary to be more realistic what it is possible to do
  • A.[1] does not like to have that deep diving into topics with doing nothing other, necessary things in the house and the garden, especially when the winter is coming; they will try to not take too much stress upon themselves in the future, to do practical work more often
  • for upcoming meetings B.[1] tries to have some days off to get rid of open tasks
  • regarding different expectations we should be more clear about aims and time limits on topics depending on how many topics we have

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