Atomic Threats In The Baltic Sea Region/VOIP meeting November 23, 2013

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Skype conference November 23rd, 2013 at 9 PM


  1. clarification of facilitation + minutes keeping
  2. updates from projects and working groups
  3. discussion on results of the planning meeting
    • feedback on planning meeting, opinions on the following next steps
  4. preparation of the working meeting in December
  5. appointment for next VOIP conference


participants: A., B., C.

clarification of facilitation + minutes keeping

  • minutes: B.

updates from projects and working groups

  • book project:
  • No updates for the book project.
  • Media group:
    • has discussed daily media work on 15/11 but it won't be done at the moment due to lack of time & resources.
    • Goal for future: daily media work.
    • Challenge: we're lacking updates from Baltic activists, we don't know what they're doing.
    • We've started to discuss milestones. This will be continued via email. Maybe we'll be able to present at least some during the next project meeting.
    • Important: we need to choose facilities to focus on, we can't pay enough attention to all of them.
  • Finance group:
    • no updates.
    • A. attended the introduction for the new EU program "Erasmus+". It looks ok for us and preparation of the final report looks easier. Reporting travel costs has now become easier. New tools for networking. They want to strengthen structures. Now everything needs to be international (national initiatives are not possible anymore). Application needs to meet at least 50 % of requirements.
  • Coordination group:
    • meeting on 11/11 - took place on 16/11. The group tried to gather commitments and discussed "to do" tasks. A Lithuanian journalist might be joining us but we need to find out their plans. Jan Haverkamp (Greenpeace) might hold a presentation on Skype. Swedish artist offered to make an anti-nuclear performance, but needs money. Unfortunately we cannot help with this.

discussion on results of the planning meeting

  • Evaluation notes of the meeting are available in PDF. What participants mainly said is that different people with different expectations came together + there were not enough people to prepare the meeting. It resulted in slight chaos and unmet expectations.
  • Other results of the September’s meeting:
    • Petition against Ostrovets NPP. Reference book.
    • We invited people who attended the meeting to join our email list and use our project email address for communication.
    • Next steps: Structure & timeline (rough). Motivation & reports. Goals & strategy - only a brainstorm. Groups & projects. Additional documentation. For instance, a digital nuclear Baltic map. Some people offered to create it but it's not finished yet.

preparation of the working meeting in December

  • New call out. Hasn't been sent around yet. Everyone is invited to invite their contacts.
  • Practical arrangements - need to be done at the project house.

appointment for next VOIP conference

  • appointment for the next Skype meeting: 14/12 @ 8 PM CET. B. will send the invitation.