Atomic Threats In The Baltic Sea Region/VOIP meeting November 10, 2013

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Skype conference November 10th, 2013 at 8 PM


  1. clarification of facilitation + minutes keeping
  2. updates from projects and working groups
  3. discussion on results of the planning meeting
    • feedback on planning meeting, opinions on the following next steps
  4. preparation of the working meeting in December
  5. TODO
  6. additional topics
  7. appointment for next VOIP conference


clarification of facilitation + minutes keeping

Today A.[1] is responsible for facilitation, B.[1] for the minutes.

updates from projects and working groups

  • Email addresses for the media, finance and coordination groups have been created. People now can directly connect to these different groups by e-mail.
  • media group: They had their first Skype conference last Wednesday. Sharing of media contacts was started and support for translations of media releases were requested; there are already some first results. The next media group meeting via Skype is taking place on Friday, November 15th 2013. There, the media strategy will be discussed and hopefully be agreed about doing daily media work. The next media release is supposed to be published during the December working meeting.
  • finances group: A local presentation of the grant/budget/requirements took place last Monday. A.[1] is planning an application to the European Youth Foundation for the remaining 30% travel costs for participants of upcoming working meetings, which are not covered yet. In January a meeting with a Finnish activist will take place to figure out whether they would join the finances group.
  • coordination group: D.[1] will send a text about the coordination group strategy via the mailing list. There will be shifts of two weeks for reminding people or when something important is happening. The coordination group is having meetings, when the shift is changing. The next meeting is tomorrow, November 11, 2013.
  • book project: Some authors have been reminded about their articles - one person promised to do it "now", two others said they would do it only next spring. Currently at least C.[1], D.[1] and A.[1] are working on their investigations and updating articles.

discussion on results of the planning meeting

The documentation of the planning meeting is supposed to be finished in the wiki soon. Everyone should read the documentation of the planning meeting. People from working groups and project groups in the planning meeting should update the documentation in the wiki.

The discussion on the results of the September's planning meeting was postponed again to the next Skype conference.

preparation of the working meeting in December

The second working meeting will take place 8th - 14th of December at the project house in Döbeln, Germany, again. There will be a Skype conference during the working meeting on Saturday, 14th December at 08 PM with the intention to report about the working meeting to people, who couldn't attend the week. A.[1] will write an invitation to the mailing list.

The new call out has been prepared and should be spread by everyone now. Additional invitations for this working meeting should be sent now to people in person. Please think about asking friends / activists, who could be interested.

During the working meeting, project groups and working groups have a possibility to meet. So far, the book project will utilize the week to continue their work, and the media group will have a Skype conference. We invite other people to take the chance of meeting each other during this week, too.

There was an idea for a burnout workshop in one of our working meetings. D.[1] will prepare and hold it, and as she only can promise it for the December meeting, we will organize it during that week. D.[1] thinks that not much of documentation must be done for this workshop; however, there will be materials for others to use if they can't join the workshop in person.


Still minutes of some meetings (real meetings, Skype conferences...) are missing. The documentation of these discussions, particularly the results are important to make it possible for the people who were not involved, to join the discussed activities. Basically, the minutes of these meetings are the basis for the work of our network/project. As of today, some documentation of the September planning meeting, three coordination group meetings, of the October working meeting and of the first media group meeting are missing. For the media group, C.[1] will do it. The other ones have to be documented by the people who currently volunteer with the project house in Germany.

Projects should update the network about their activities/topics. This is important information for others to improve the potentials the Atomic Baltic project provides (e.g. for the work of the media group, but also for every single project which could benefit from each other's solidarity and support). Thus, please report briefly to the mailing list about the state of affairs in your project!

additional topics

D.[1] looked at the doodle and was irritated by the word intermediate evalution for the meeting in November 2014. There are several coordinations meetings before November 2014. So if somebody has got a proposal for a bigger evaluation meeting, she/he can propose it.

We discussed who should prepare and facilitate these continuous Skype conferences, and agreed it should be someone of the coordination group as they are probably most up-to-date. For now, usually A.[1] will be in charge to facilitate the continuous Skype conferences.

appointment for next VOIP conference

The next continuous project meeting via Skype will take place on November 23rd, 2013 at 9 PM CET. This appointment was agreed today in the Skype conference. The plan is to have every 2 weeks a phone/chat/Skype conference.

  1. 1.00 1.01 1.02 1.03 1.04 1.05 1.06 1.07 1.08 1.09 1.10 1.11 1.12 For protection of privacy of the persons involved, instead of real names only acronyms in form of capital letters starting with "A." are used in these minutes of the meeting.