Atomic Threats In The Baltic Sea Region/VOIP meeting March 9, 2014

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Skype conference March 9th, 2014 at 8 PM


  1. clarification of facilitation + minutes keeping
  2. updates from projects and working groups
  3. appointment for next VOIP conference


Participants: A., B., C.

clarification of facilitation + minutes keeping

  • facilitation: B.
  • minutes keeping: C.

updates from projects and working groups

  • media group:
    • The media group is preparing a new media release on 12th of March about the fukushima disaster 3/11.
  • finances group:
    • There will for now just be one person doing the work.
  • coordination group:
    • There will for now just be one person doing the work.
  • networking:
    • B was in Lithuania, Russia and Finland for networking in January/February 2014.
    • topics which weren't in the last minutes:
      • B. had a skype talk with a NGO SLL representative, who is responsible for nuclear topics
      • At Pyhäjoki in Finland Fennovoima is planning to build up a new NPP. There are some local groups protestings against Fennovoima ("Scandinavian power") and against their constructions plans.
      • Another finnish youth organization joined the mailing list and is sharing information about Finnish events and some of them are considering joining anti-nuclear summer camp
      • B. met other activists from Lithuania, who are interested in the anti-nuclear summer camp
  • project working meeting from 3th of march - 09th of march in Döbeln / Germany:
    • activists from Germany and Russia attended the meeting
    • introduction day for new activist from Russia
    • research work for the book project
    • half a day workshop with Brigitte Artmann, which presented her activities using the Aarhus convention against plans to build up new NPPs.
    • Umweltinstitut München is considerung to set up webpage for complaining against certain NPPs. media group is considering a new media release about that. the Baltic sea info tour photo exhibition could be shown in Murmansk in autumn this year with support from Russian activist.
    • small workshop using alternatives audio conferencing software besides Skype e.g. using Jitsi
      • Installation of Jitsi:
        1. Open then choose and download
          • for Windows XP the 32 Bit Version,
          • for Windows 64 Bit Versions (Vista 64 Bit, Windows 7 64 Bit, Windows 8/8.1) the 64 Bit Stable version of Jitsi
          • for other Operating systems other (Jitsi) SIP Clients, which are ZRTP protocol ready (
        2. Before installing Jitsi create a SIP Account on the Guardian Server:
        3. Install Jitsi (, start it up and create a new account, choose SIP as protocol and add your chosen account <> and <new password> to the Jitsi / SIP Client.
        4. Ask your chatpartners for their account names and add them to your buddy list in Jitsi client.
        5. Verify your phone calls
        6. Exiting the Jitsi client is only possible via menu file -> exit.
    • next working meeting will take place May 5-11, 2014 in Döbeln, Germany, again

appointment for next VOIP conference

The next project meeting via skype is taking place on Tuesday, March 25th 2014, at 8 PM CET.