Atomic Threats In The Baltic Sea Region/Third Call out

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Invitation to the ATOMIC BALTIC working meeting in May

You are invited to join the next 4th ATOMIC BALTIC working meeting,
which takes place for one week in Döbeln, Germany, from Monday May 5th
to Sunday May 11th, 2014.

An information page gathering plans and topics for the meeting have
been set up:

This meeting in May will be an opportunity for you to get involved to
continue your project activities together with other organizers, to
volunteer for tasks and also to network with other activists joining
the event. For newcomers there will be an introduction workshop into
the project on request.

Please reply to "atomicbaltic AT nuclear-heritage DOT net", if you
want to attend the meeting. If it would be easier for you to arrive
one day earlier (4th of May), this should be no problem but please
contact us for your arrival date one week in advance.

We can possibly help with your travel costs, if needed! In this case,
please contact as soon as possible the finances group by e-mail to
"finances DOT atomicbaltic AT nuclear-heritage DOT net". We will only
cover travel costs that we confirmed beforehand, thus you really have
to contact us early enough!
For ecological reasons airplane tickets will not be supported. Please
consider more environmentally friendly ways of traveling to our

Currently we are working on
- the book project,
- Fennovoima NPP - EIA campaign,
- the multilingual flyer project,
- an info tour on Atomic Threats In The Baltic Sea Region,
- a photo exhibition on Atomic Power and Resistance around the Baltic

and on hopefully upcoming campaigns like
- the Finnish anti-nuclear campaign (still under discussion in

We will also have presentations of participants on the topics they are
working on, e.g. on the current situation of the proposed Baltic NPP
in Kaliningrad.

Some other topics during the working meeting will be
- preparation of the international anti-nuclear summer camp near Kiel
  to gather activists from around the Baltic Sea,
- discussion of main roles and tasks in the nuclear baltic network,
- project milestones to understand the progress of the

General information:
In the Baltic Sea region the atomic lobby is pushing for a number of
nuclear projects increasing the threats facing people and environment
in the area. New reactors, upgrading of nuclear power plants,
repositories for hazardous atomic waste, new uranium mines ... As if
unsolved problems and threads by the existing legacy of atomic
stations facilities and mines wouldn't be enough! Groups and citizens
are struggling against these projects in many places, often faced to a
strong alliance of nuclear companies, authorities and politicians
benefiting from these developments.

In order to support local groups and individuals in the struggle
against atomic developments and to strengthen anti-nuclear movements
around the Baltic Sea, anti-nuclear groups and activists from the
region launched the "Atomic Threats In The Baltic Sea Region" project.

The first meeting to discuss and form this network/project already
took place in September last year in Döbeln, Germany. In addition, two
meetings in December 2013 and March 2014 took place in Germany. So
far, activists and groups from Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania,
Belarus, Russia, Sweden and Poland are already active in this project.
Two NGOs in Austria and the Netherlands are supporting us with their
experiences and knowledge. We want to involve groups and individuals
also from all other countries in the watershed of the Baltic Sea:
Denmark, Estonia and Norway. And of course, we also aim to reach more
people and groups in the countries involved to the project already.

We see much potential within this project: we can learn about each
other's topics and struggles, connect with each other, and support in
campaigning, spreading the word, organizing information events or
actions... All it needs is awareness of the interrelations and some
time to be provided for this supraregional and international