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== Public Sponsorship <small><small>- Förderung</small></small> ==
<div style="-moz-column-count:2; column-count:2; -moz-column-gap:20px; column-gap:20px;">
[[Atomic Threats In The Baltic Sea Region|This project]] was financed in public sponsorship by the European Union within the program YOUTH IN ACTION. The content of this project does not necessarily reflect the viewpoint of the European Union or of the national agency "JUGEND für Europa" and they do not assume any liability.
''[[Atomic Threats In The Baltic Sea Region|Dieses Projekt]] wurde mit Unterstützung der Europäischen Union durch das Programm JUGEND IN AKTION finanziert. Der Inhalt dieses Projektes gibt nicht notwendigerweise den Standpunkt der Europäischen Union oder der Nationalagentur JUGEND für Europa wieder und sie übernehmen dafür keine Haftung.''
[[Category: Atomic Threats In The Baltic Sea Region]]
[[Category: Atomic Threats In The Baltic Sea Region]]
[[Category: Events]]
[[Category: Events]]

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Media group Skype conference, 17/10/2014



  1. clarification of facilitation and minutes keeping
  2. discussing next media release
  3. preparation of next Skype conference
  4. other topics

Next media releases

  • possible topics and latest atomic policies developments were discussed
  • currently no new media release scheduled

Next Skype conference

  • next Skype conference: ???.

Other topics

  • media work of the last months evaluated
  • discussion on processes in ATOMIC BALTIC network/project