Atomic Threats In The Baltic Sea Region/Media group/Skype conference on November 6, 2013

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Minutes of the Media Group meeting on 06/11/2013

participants: A.[1], B.[1], C.[1], D.[1]

There will be a media group meeting on Skype during the next project meeting (08/12-14/12/2013) 12/12/2013 @ 20:00 CET

Currently the most important tasks are:

  • strategy
  • collection and export of media contacts

B.[1] will try to share media contacts in mid November.

Media page set up on our Wiki with media releases we’ve sent out so far. All media releases need to have the same formatting.

Open questions:

  • should we make the project a label for anti-nuclear activities?
  • How to engage people in our network?
  • How to localize things?
  • How to ensure we have good timing?
  • How to attract people's attention?

Both internal and external issue: topics people could be interested into.
We need to engage more people in the project and need to raise public awareness. That will only work out if we offer something that will interest people.

Media contacts

Collection and sharing of international media contacts. Should we give international media contacts to everyone who’s involved in the project? Risk: they could be used for spamming.

Important issue: how to localize press releases?
Suggestion: local context things should be kept in the English version anyway so it would have more content, quotations possible. Thus the English version could be the longest one.


If we send releases to a non-English speaking country we should send them in English and in the local language/-s.
It would be useful to collect some info about each country: languages spoken, main minorities, where can we send information to?
For instance, we can send Latvian and Russian press releases in Latvia, Finnish, Swedish and Russian in Finland.

When do we send press releases? We shouldn't send them everytime "a pen drops to the floor".

  • German translations: B.[1]
  • Lithuanian: ?
  • Latvian: A.[1]
  • Finnish: D.[1]
  • Swedish: ?
  • Russian - A.?
  • Danish: ?
  • Polish: ? - very important!
  • Estonian: ? (not a priority)
  • Belarusian: ? (optional)

We could ask about translations in the mailing list.

Sorting of media contacts

Media contacts in countries we don't have them yet:

  • Kaliningrad and SPb for Russia
  • Latvia
  • Belarus
  • Estonia
  • Denmark
  • Poland

Media contacts from Latvia: A.[1], they will contact their contact persons, maybe they have contacts they can share.

Email to others: what activities could be interesting for the network...

Maybe the media group can start an overview of the activities connectable to the project?
D.[1] will start to do it.

We didn't discuss milestones, media strategy and daily work, no time.

The next media group meeting before the December's meeting:

  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6 1.7 1.8 1.9 For protection of privacy of the persons involved, instead of real names only acronyms in form of capital letters starting with "A." are used in these minutes of the meeting.