Atomic Threats In The Baltic Sea Region/Media group/Skype conference on February 11, 2014

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Media group Skype conference, 11/02/2014



  1. clarification of facilitation and minutes keeping
  2. next media release - discussion and clarifying process
  3. preparation of next Skype conference
  4. other topics

Next media release

Main messages of this media release are:

  • advertising camp
  • stressing international context of atomic threats in Baltic Sea

This can be used to check if the text actually represents these goals.

Skype talk on the upcoming media release; here are some brief notes on it:

  • should have all camp-related info in same part of text
  • optional local context should come behind Baltic Sea region connections paragraph
  • Latvian local context will be rewritten
  • LV contact details updated
  • first two paragraphs are very good.
  • and - as always - criticism on amount of text

Proofreading: A. will do some, B. should find also native speaker for that.

B. will ask people regarding regional media contacts and to make a locally related quote.

Schedule for this media release:

  • clarifying contact persons: 15th of February
  • last edits of press release: 19th of February
  • start of translations: 20th of February
  • sending out: night 23rd/24th of February
  • release date: 24th of February


  • German - confirmed
  • Latvian - confirmed
  • Lithuanian - as last time?
  • Finnish - as last time?
  • Russian - will be requested
  • Danish - will be requested

Next Skype conference

Other topics

  • we have an additional person to translate our media releases into Russian