Atomic Threats Around the Baltic Sea book project/Minutes meeting in July 2013

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Minutes 09.07.2013, Döbeln

Participants: F. and L.

We had a phone information from German National Agency, that our application will be funded from "Youth in Action" programme. We still are waiting for written confirmation.


  • to find more people and involve more people, especially from countries in the application: Germany, Finland, Netherlands, Austria, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland
  • we should stress the strategy of the project more. To stress that the book is the basis for online database; after the book is printed, this will be an opportunity to make informational events, exhibition (based on Baltic Sea Infotour)

Tasks & responsibilities
Task When Who will do it Notes
Email all cooperation partners, when EU funding granted As we get info from EU F. About grant, first schedule, that start in September, invite to join mailing list, ask for Skype contacts
Doodle for work meetings asap F. To know, when that is possible to do the meetings in October, etc.
Press release In August ??? DONE
Translation of press release, dissemination to countries August ??? DONE
to organize Advanced Planning Visit In August, September ??? to organize the meeting venue (Döbeln)
clarify who will come, food, financial issues, communication with participants, Call for participants, transport from railway station, etc.
Call out written and sent out by F.
Advanced Planning Visit 21-22 September, arrival 20, departure 23 ??? For people who cannot join – Skype conference; 2 people from each country of application, also from Sweden, Russia, Denmark, Estonia; Norway (there is a small part in Baltic Sea watershed); we want to discuss strategy of the project
Individual investigations All the time, September - start ??? some started
Edit and send out Call for participants for week long work meetings People from every country disseminate it
Preparation for burnout workshop September? October ??? To be held in work meeting in October
Week long investigation/work meetings October, etc. ??? Investigation teamwork
Ask people for Skype conferences F. How often do we want to do it? Every month or better, every 2 weeks

Other open task, possibility:

  • European Youth Council – a possibility to apply for the rest of 30 percent travel costs, using basically the same application

Roles/issues, which are open for people to take:

  1. Financial overview – which money is available, writing reports, contact person to ask about expenses (to be asked before the costs occur), coordination of additional funding (if someone else wants to apply)
  2. Coordination of the project (the complete overview of schedule, important points of the projects (e.g. public relations), tasks overview); informs other if problems appear, if tasks are not done, if someone is not in the project anymore and some facilities are not covered
  3. Reminding people about commitments they made – this is to discuss in Advanced Planning Visit
  4. Public relations, mobilization
  5. to write minutes of Skype conferences
  6. Website improvement (make it more attractive to external people, who might want to join us)
  7. Networking – connect to anti-nuclear groups in the Baltic Sea region, to inform them about latest results of the project, ask about news from them (updates on facilities)

Tasks connected to the book project:

  • investigations + text work
    • to have a realistic chance to finish the book within one year: at least 12 very committed people; for every work meeting they need to finish one article
  • proofreading
  • layout of book
  • translations: German, ... + ?
  • organize photos + right to publish them
  • asking for feedback of local groups/experts
  • promoting book
  • selling + shipment