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Minutes Skype conference September 4th, 2013 at 8 PM

These are really brief minutes of yesterday's talks...

1) Call out
The most urgent and important task for now is to write a "call out" to invite as many interested people as possible to the planning meeting this month. We could not clarify who will write it as everyone of us will be too busy with other tasks until the end of this week... :( -> DONE

However, so far we have confirmations from Lithuanian and German people to come, as well the wish of R. from Greenpeace Russia to join us (currently negotiating the travel costs as our grant doesn't cover those and his expenses would be quite high). Interested in the meeting, but not confirmed, people are from Latvia and Finland.
It seems likely we won't have participants from Austria and Netherlands involved to this meeting... :(

Right now we ask everyone here to invite NGOs and contacts you have in Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Russia, Belarus and Denmark to join the planning meeting. Individual invitations have the best chance to reach people. We will also ask concrete people in our partner groups and in the partner countries to join...

2) Press releases
We decided to send out the first one at the "real" beginning of the project after the planning meeting (due to lack of time now, but also as it is reasonable to announce the project as it will be discussed there).

3) Overview & checking tasks
We gave each other an overview of people interested or involved to the project and planning meeting, about facilities and commitments to investigate on them, the new webpage, and open tasks. We also checked what needs to be done to prepare the planning meeting, and discussed some issues.

A.[1] will add photos to the project page, B.[1] will create a new email address as contact for the project to be shared with each other (so not only one person has to reply to emails - done), A.[1] will propose dates for the next Skype talk to prepare the planning meeting (done).

  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 For protection of privacy of the persons involved, instead of real names only acronyms in form of capital letters starting with "A." are used in these minutes of the meeting.